Monday, October 14, 2013

She Bangs, She Bangs (Hello 2000) UPDATED WITH PICS!

There comes a time in every women's life when she asks herself: should I get bangs? I mean, my mom passed away, my cat died, I turned 41...what better time to blatantly disregard my very round face and want what general consensus says I should not have? I even went so far as to Google "should I get bangs." FYI--Google tries to anticipate what you should get by auto-populating that sentence with "a divorce," "a tattoo" and "married." Glad I'm not the only one turning to the Magic 8 Ball of the internet for life guidance. See also: glad I am not trying to decide if I should get a tattoo of bangs because that would surely be a sign I should.

The thing is, when I asked Google if I should get bangs it did not answer me with a resounding but instead said I could totally look like this:
To which I say sign me up. I could totally look like that (if I were a completely different person). And yet? And yet I still hear the siren call of Jane Birkin winking at me beneath a boyishly sexy fringe of perfectly cut bangs that don't poke me in the eye or get greasy or ever need trimming, really. Just so you know, in this scenario I also don't have any hips and wear cords that make me look super skinny.

I mean, right? So cute. Like this. 
So should I or shouldn't I? Too late. I am at the hair salon right now.Which means that in just a few hours I could look like this:
A wonky-eyed mid-90's Brenda Walsh doing her best Paula Poundstone impression. In which case you're going to have to straight up lie to me, tell me I look très mignonne and then put some barrettes in my Christmas stocking.


And just like that! BAM! I got bangs!
Ok, here's the Before (yes, I totally Instagram filtered the hell out of myself, and double yes, I, too, have a wonky eye, #BrendaWalsh4LifeYo):
And After:
Right now my hair is a little too soft for my liking, all blow dried and styled. But tonight I will shower and tomorrow my hair will be back to it's normal texture. Already I'm loving what it does to a ponytail or a messy knot (instant style!) which is how I wear my hair usually anyway. So? I think I'm happy.
We shall see what Bryan and the kids think later...dun dun DUN.


The French Tangerine said...

OMG please show us a pic asap! I'm so excited! I literally have been thinking the same damn thing! I have done this before.. with a photo of Christie Brinkley as my inspiration. More recently, I have a stash of photos of Reese Witherspoon - great bangs!
You are adorable and would be cute with any hairstyle!
Wishing you the best of luck.. you deserve gorgeous bangs. for sure!

Petunia Face said...

Jan, you should go for it! You would look adorable. Also? You totally look like Christie Brinkley. :)

Soupy said...

Good Lord, you are GORGEOUS!! *jealous because you look so good w/the BANGS!*

The French Tangerine said...

Oh wow.. really really cute.. Zoey is going to flip. she will want them next. Well Christ, I guess I better make an appt..
What a totally fun and unexpected surprise to update today.. rock on sister!

Zakary said...


(I also have a wonky eye)

ivy said...

LOVE! I got bangs last year after having basically the same style as you for years. I'm too lazy/busy to go get regular trims so I've performed some awesome bang trimming stunts. They grow back in a week so don't be scared of rockabilly, extra wispy, bat wing experiments.
Also dry shampoo or just washing your bangs every day (and leaving the rest dry) works wonders. ps I'm a blog stalker of yours and this is my first comment cause I don't have the balls to discuss anything other than bangs apparently.

Cathi said...

Love the bangs on you - you are gorgeous! I've been wearing them for years and like you said, I love how it brings instant style to a bun or ponytail.

leigh said...

Oh wow! I love the bangs! Amazing.

Petunia Face said...

You guys are all so head is getting a little big here beneath my bangs. I also feel a little sheepish with all the compliments knowing the heavy filter I put on those pics. ;)

Whatevs. I'll take those compliments and then some! Thank you!!!

Mollee said...

Well I know for a fact that you are truly gorgeous even sans filters. Love the bangs!!


Unknown said...

Mi Suz,

Te ves chula de hermosa como una rosa.

Asi no'mas.


Denie said...

Wow! I'm inspired. You are so pretty. I hope bangs will look that good on me. But, regardless, going to get them. I'm 41 with a wonky eye too (always called it droopy eye and it becomes especially apparent after too much wine. Actually, I take part of that last sentence back -- the part that's it's possible to have too much wine)

Anonymous said...

You look beautiful either way but a change is nice. You are gorgeous.

Unknown said...

Love it!

Jessy F. said...

Love it!