Thursday, December 24, 2015

Happy Everything







2009 (missing)




Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Dear Teresa

I wrote down the date today and realized, holy mother of all that is shut the front door, Teresa Guidice is getting out of prison tomorrow.

Where did the year go, Teresa? I mean, can you believe we are here? That we made it? Because we did it, Teresa, the thing we thought we couldn't possibly do. We did it and now we are home, right where we are supposed to be, thank you Jesus. We are home.
Wishing you, Gia, Milania, Gabriella, Audriana and Joe a holiday filled with love.


Thursday, December 17, 2015

Monday, December 14, 2015

Just Another Weekend in December

Friday night I went to a party where I got a super flattering photo of my soul. Okay, maybe not my soul, per se, but my electromagnetic field? Or my blatant need to believe in something mystical, depending on your level of woo. (For the record, I place myself somewhere in the middle of woo and woo.)
Apparently the blue arc means that I lead from the heart, that I'm kind, generous, intuitive, sensitive (so be nice in the comments). The purple points to me being a visionary, unconventional, creative, playful, non-judgmental (the only attribute I cock an eyebrow at, because duh--I am one judge-y bitch). The white orbs are flashes of higher consciousness, my angels, which is good because as I sat down to have my picture taken I closed my eyes and told my mom that she better show up. The rods emanating from my head? Honestly I forget what the aura lady said those were, and now all I can think of is the priest in The Omen, how the photograph of him showed a javelin-like object through his head, and then later he was impaled by the church spire. So if you hear that my skull has been crushed by some multi-pronged sharp thing, you have my permission to shave Ozzy's head and look for the sign of the devil.

So there I am, my energy. Do I believe? After the party I Googled auras and read all about it, the colors, the arcs and energy, Kirlian photography. I definitely believe that we all have energy. Sometimes I meet people whose energy just makes me happy; I like them instantly. And then there are people whose energy makes me close up for no other reason than they just feel off. Of course Google also showed me some articles debunking aura photography. I decided not to read them. 

Saturday I went to a memorial service for two people that I loved. There was a sacred Wiccan dance ceremony with drums, sage, bells. I closed my eyes during the guided meditation and tried very hard to think of nothing.

Sunday I went to a traditional German holiday glühwein & plätzchen party. I drank hot spiced red wine and felt hearty. 

After all, this is the season to believe in it all.

Hope your weekend was just as...


Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Not It

It's December now. I'm here. It's just--
It's just that there was a terrible tragedy in my family, something so unfathomably sad that I didn't know how to write about not it because it was not/is not mine to write about. Please know I hate vague blogging, booking, vaguery of any sort. While this is not mine to write about, it also feels starkly wrong not to say that we are going through something. (Then there is also the fact that I am pretty sure I have a reputation as a bit of a downer here on the www, what with the disease and the deaths and the sickness and the fuck?)

So here we are and it's December. I still don't know how to write about not it except to say that it is there, but so is this: we went to the Nutcracker. Had photos taken with Santa. Ozzy likes to kiss my closed eyes, and Zoey, well Zoey asks me to talk to her about everything and I know this will not last forever. Even with my horrible, frizzy, awkward hair Bryan still makes lewd comments when I walk naked from our bed to the bathroom each morning.

So there is that. 
Today is Tuesday. Let's see what Tuesday brings.