Thursday, October 29, 2009

Mas Ass Backward

It's not your imagination: I have been a bit mas ass backwards than usual.
Don't quite know if I'm coming or going. How much harder can I beat this photo to death(awesome though it may be)? The thing is I've been freelancing again. Which sounds as if I have been freebasing, though truth be told I don't even know how to spell it let alone do it. Freebasing? Hyphen or no? Can one use it as a verb? Do people even freebase anymore or did that go down with the death of Andy Gibb and the passing of the celluloid torch from Spike Lee to Spike Jonze, Spike tv only a hiccup in between?

Who the fuck cares? It's hard, this working and parenting and living and lo--I do believe that story's been told a few times so as to be hackneyed. And so I will just say this: you guys, sometimes the Universe (and yes, I did capitalize Universe) gives you what you want. And in so doing you find that it is also what you need. And apparently I both wanted and needed The 1986 Crystal Light National Aerobic Championship. Watch and I believe you will find that it fills you up somewhere deep inside, as well:

So there's that. In the world. And there's me laughing and cooking dinner: ravioli stuffed with chicken, sundried tomatoes and mushrooms, though I detest mushrooms and sundried tomatoes and truly only tolerate chicken. And then there's this, the kind of thing that makes me want to lick the walls if it meant I could hold on.When 6-year-old Elena Desserich found out she was going to die from pediatric brain cancer she started writing notes to her younger sister so that she’d know something about her big sister after she was gone. What Elena’s parent’s didn’t realize was that Elena was leaving notes for them as well, and started finding them everywhere after she passed.

“They told us at the very beginning that she had 135 days to live,” Keith Desserich said. Though her parents didn’t want her to know the severity of her cancer, they feel that she must have known what was happening.

The tumor slowly took away her ability to talk. But Elena was still able to write.

After Elena passed away, her parents discovered that their daughter had left a message behind for them — a lot of messages, actually.

“We started to pull out notes and they would be in between CDs or between books on our bookshelf,” Keith Desserich said. Then the couple started finding them everywhere. “We started to collect them and they would all say ‘I love you Mom, Dad and Grace.’ We kept finding them, and still to this day, we keep finding them,” Keith Desserich said. “Literally, there are hundreds of notes that we found."

I don't know, you guys. You might think I'm crazy to post a video of spandexed men aerobicizing along with the story of a family remembering a girl. But the world is going by so fast and I have to go to work now, Zoey says she doesn't want to be a leopard anymore but a butterfly, plus she insists that one of the teachers at pre-school is a man even though she's not, the Bay Bridge closed, the day Indian Summer still, a scratch on my bumper that I know was not there yesterday. Sometimes this is it, all the time really, take what you will but the beauty of the world lies in the details like God or the devil, all of it hackneyed and hyphened and worthy of capitalization. I-Love-You, I say, and I mean it. There is so much and this is it, all of it, split seams all twisted torqued, sheared and Thursday.


Brandi at Duel Living said...

High kicks, the Robot, and an Egyptian pose at the end....brilliant! My Thursday has been made.
By the way, Crystal Light tastes like watered down ass.

my favorite and my best said...

you have a gift my dear.

Shannon said...

There you go.

Simply Mel said...

Damn you for making it all make sense - how do you do it?

Crying, laughing, and just scratching my head....leave it to you to twist all these emotions up in one brilliant post!

Sarah - La Jeune Marie said...

My highschool boyfriend left post it notes all over my room like that once. When we broke up, it was so haunting to find his little loves notes everywhere for months after. Torture.

Anonymous said...

thank you for kicking MY ass everyday.

Anonymous said...

Okay, why'd ya have to go and post the story of that beautiful little girl?! My hardened heart softened just a bit and my eyes started leaking.
Then, I watched the video of those fine young men twisting their torsos and thrusting their hips and I was freed. Back to my cynical ways where I survive with snideitity (look it up-it's a real word..,okay, not really).
I wonder if I could find the mustachioed gentleman. He floats my boat. The other two seem gay.

Rosalie said...

How could you not mention the host of the show was Growing Pains dad Alan Thicke?!
I was crying.
Then laughing.
And then just stunned.

A said...

Thank you for bringing Crystal Lite Aerobic Championships 1986 and 1987 into my life :o)