Friday, September 26, 2008

No, That's Not Dandruff. IT'S THE GODDAMN SKY.

I mean, sorry. It's just-- Gah. I am so sick of worrying about the economy. I am sick of talking politics. I am sick of brushing pieces of the sky out of my hair. Yesterday I stopped at the supermarket to get milk. As I parked my car talk radio was serving up the death of WaMu with a tasty side order of Chinese baby formula laced with melamine. I bought my milk. Then I returned to the car only to hear about the probability of an asteroid smashing into the planet Earth and killing us all in an instant. I'm not even kidding.
I give up. This weekend I am turning off the doom. I am going to cut some bread in the shape of autumn leaves and make cinnamon toast with my daughter. I am going to meet my friends in the park and let Indian Summer lay its warm hand flat on my back. I am going to paint my toenails and dye my hair. I am going to turn off the split screen inside my head, stop the running footer of numbers and late-breaking news, ignore the flashing station identification and I'm just going to breathe.
What about you? What do you do to find your center?


Anonymous said...

I find my center in the middle of a bottle of riesling.

Simply AnonyMom said...

I find my center by taking a long, hot shower. Follow that up with putting on my thick warm VS bathrobe and slippers. Then starting a fireplace and listening to the sap crackle while the log burns. Follow that up with snuggling on the couch with hubby, the boy, the girl or a combination of all 4 of us and vegging out to a movie.

Oh and homemade chocolate cake with a cheesecake filling really helps too.

Amanda said...

Hmm, center...with 2 3rd grade flag football games, 1 1st grade soccer game and another 2 3rd grade soccer games in a 24 hour period, I wonder how I will find my center.

THANK GOD I am not playing all of those games!

I think I will tile my bathroom floor (to the tunes on my ipod) this weekend to take everything away.

zakary said...

I'm getting a pedicure and getting rid of stuff from my Mother's basement this weekend. Giving crap away is liberating.

I also need to step away from the news. It's giving me an ulcer.

Have a good weekend.

Megan said...

It"s dollar day at Golden Gate Fields on Sunday, so Brian and I are going to meet up w/ my cousin and his girlfriend and have a day full of beer and hotdogs while we cheer on the fillies and studs. Maybe someone will come home a winner!

Judy said...

Well, for starters, I plan a day with you and Zoey....youre not cancelling on me are you-'cause if so, I'm going directly to plan B!

I don't drink alcohol. I'd LIKE to imbibe from time to time but I learned-after many, many attempts and just as many ever increasingly nasty, toxic hangovers that I'm just alergic to alcohol. If I don't want to get a headache, the beginnings of the multi-day hangover from Hell, before I even finish the drink and get the buzz; I just can't drink. Yet more and more when I hear someone say, "Boy, I'm really looking forward to getting home and having a....fill in the blank alcoholic libation and relaxing; I WANT to do it too! Do I dare? Is there any alcohol I CAN drink without the hangover before the buzz? So, my boss ha been extoling the virtues of Absinthe which now one can buy in this country legally. I've always been fascinated by the Paris Belle Epoque "Green Set"...those, mostly intellectuals, who drank of the wormwood complete with sugar cube and gorgeous sterling absinthe spoons ritual... then the sinking into the arms of a somewhat hallucinogenic euphoria. Now my boss is saying he/they feel no hallucinations just HAPPINESS. Well, off I went yesterday to find the elusive....and expensive, Absinthe in the fervent hope that maybe, just maybe it would be an alcohol I could actually tolerate and SURE that anything that, after one small, sweet glass would turn the corners of my mouth up and make me feel all warm and fuzzy, I'm in!

So, I KNOW you and Zoey help the center hold and now, we'll see if Absinthe will make me happy or nasueated...Keep you posted.

Pare said...

I fight people.

Usually I try to pick the willing ones.

Morgan Jenkins said...

I think I have an ulcer.
Why am I having anxiety?
Maybe because today I went to my bank and thought it was bizarre I was greeted by JP Morgan Chase. Don't get me wrong, I like that my bank shares my same name but I could have sworn I was a Wamu customer.
And Mom on Absinthe?
What is happening here!?....GOD! Hello....!!!
Should we be preparing for the end of the world? In that case...I definitely need a mani and a pedi, my eye brows waxed, hair dye and cut, new patio furniture so at least I can look good and sit outside and enjoy the apocalypse.

Morgan Jenkins said...

Oh yes I forgot, we too are turning off our TV, and I am headed to the store right now to indulge in my sickening addiction to gossip mags....I mean come on, there are far MORE important things in this what Heidi and Spencer, sorry, Spiedi are up to. What am I doing watching this non sense political crap, this is not reality, no no, Star and US Weekly now that's what I'm talking about! I feel much better now. I guess that is my center......have you seen Posh's new haircut? a-dor-able!

* I only openly admit this because somehow in this mixed up crazy universe I seem to find a family that loves the gossip mags just as much as I do. What a perfect match!

Rosalie said...

Ugh. I totally agree. Sometimes I wonder what would happen to us if the news media committed to only reporting on the good things happening in the world. Because there ARE good things happening, we just don't hear about them. Imagine only hearing happy, positive uplifting stories when you turned on the TV, Radio and logged on to the internet. Not that I am interested in burying my head in to the sand (well, not all the time), but I bet it would turn the tide. Bad just spreads bad, and good news can only inspire more good news.

Petunia Face said...

Okay, mom, when you come over on Sunday we can drink absinthe.
Morgan, you can fly up, too, and we'll read the tabloids together.
In fact, all of you can come over! We'll have a girlie weekend of hallucinagenic alcohol and The Hills!
Eff the debates! Recession, wha? I'm going to find my center in a bottle of canoodling cebutards! :)

Judy said...

This is to My Girls, Sus, Morgan (and of course my daughter whenever she needs me, Rosalie-even without knowing where middle C is located) ....and any others of you great blog friends who can:

A) Find us.

B) Join us.

C) Bring a tabloid we don't already have..and be able to discuss the tab "news" with enough knowledge to convince us you aren't a Tabloid Imposter.

D) Sip a bit with us of a pretty, green, sweet, possibly hallucinogenis, definitely 138 proof alcohol libation.

E) And/or chew down on a Valium, Ativan, Zanax or two-unless you prefer to stick with your regular SSRI Antidepressant of choice.
(Remember, I AM a Nurse/Mom/"Woman of a Certain Age" and SHOULD be responsible enough to advise the novices not to mix 'em up too much.)

F) Enjoy sharing the contents of your purse with Zoey-and probably give up your favorite lip gloss for her collection.

G) Not allow one word of bad news past your lips.
and finally....

H) Be willing to hold my hair out of the toilet or spew if Absinthe turns out NOT to be the one alcoholic drink that doesn't make me miserably sick. Oh, and, should Absinthe really be hallucinogenic, be willing to share your drugs to get me down!

And here I am hogging the comments when I'm supposed to ration them AND being a super pushy Mom who rudely dares to invite anyone and then make rules for all to Susannah's party!

And We All Know Who...just look at the length! (I may be dis-invited to Partay. If so, nevermind.)

Annie Empiric said...

before last wednesday it came exclusively in the form of a kettle one martini, straight up, with one xl caper. also a parliment light once in a while did the trick. now I can add the gym into the mix because Ive been every day since I joined (3 haha) and Im loving it.
tomorrow jozette from regardez moi is in town so i have an inkling it may be more about the pfunks and the booze than sweating to the oldies but everyone deserves a cheat day. right?

Maggie May said...

last night: kids spent the night at grandma's. margaritas, sex, tv, more sex, margaritas, sleep.

today: family day, out all day all of us.

tonight: movies, three kiddos and one hubby, foods, sleep.

i'm with you. i'm sick of the constant regurgitations of news.

pve design said...

think of colonial times and milking cows, and bailing hay and no electricity and all of us living in a one room house like on little house on the prairie and lassie coming to tell us of trouble. then life seems nice, easy and simpler.

Heather, said...

well, at first i was going to say, 'reading your blog', but then that seemed like a really brown-nosed thing to say to a complete stranger, so i changed my mind. and decided that being indecisive is how i stay centered...i spend so much time contemplating all the iterations of a decision that i simply do not have room in my head for all the crap o' the world.
(p.s. spent a long time laughing at the bagina post and comments. thanks ~ comic relief.)

Bluestreak said...

sounds like a fantastic weekend, and exactly what I would do to get my mind off all the bull. We´re obsessed with catastrophe.

Sarah's Fab Day said...

I agree turn off the doom and just listen. Listen to the giggles of your children, the heartbeat of your husband when your ear is nestled up tight to his chest and mostly to that voice in your head that tells you to remember these moments forever.

Reluctant Housewife said...

Two words.

Bubble bath.

four more words.

With a good book.

Richie Designs said...

totally, I'm so over it. I posted something similar on Friday, and called my therapist in the same afternoon.