Monday, September 29, 2008

Introducing Zoey-D in "Toddlin' 'Aint EZ"

Yo, yo, bad ass mo fo 2.5 in da' house!

Let's hear it for the West Coast Madeline Mafia! Literate 4 Life, Boyeeeeee!

Crazy Eyes Killah! Lil' $yco, in Crocz we Trust.

6’n da mornin’ Zoey at my bed
Sippin the milkies, wakin’ the dead
Out to the livin’ room to watch the Dora
Swiper no swiping! But that fox is a whore-a

She’s a mama/daddy made monster of the Sesame Streets
Remote controlled by crazy gigglin’ toddler beats
But just livin’ in the suburbs is a serious task
Didn’t know what she wanted
She didn’t let me ask



Jen said...

dude, aren't kids fun? hilarious...too cute!

Anonymous said...


I ♥ You said...

this is priceless. love the Flava Flav reference, boyeeeee!!! :)

Bridget said...

hilarious and I couldn't agree more about Swiper :)

Anonymous said...

true dat. Word.

Sarah said...

That was too freakin' cute!

Maggie May said...

swiper no swiping!

she is so adorable!

and off point, i love your white couch.

Sarah Ring said...

this is the sole reason i want to reproduce - AWESOME.

essbesee said...

swiper is a total ho. she is too cute.

Jennifer said...

Okay, that's awesome!

Yesterday, my mini me busted out with "I like to move it move it! I like to move it move it!" In a restaurant. At lunch. At the top of her five year old lunch. Mother of the year, right here!

cassandra said...

WORD. that is the most awesome thing i've read all day. obviously. and i've been very absent lately, but i'm back! lookin' forward to more chillin' wid da homies around here. peace out motha!

L said...


amber {daisy chain} said...

that is so RAD! and, I think those are Ruby's old cutie pants that I just adored, so that make sit even better. maybe you should be a rap super star, live large and buy fancy cars, have you considered that?

Regardez Moi said...

Zoey-D, rappin for me
Her mommy writes in-cred-ibly
We her readers hang on ev'ry word
Whether it's butt or boob or turd

There. There's my contribution to your rap.

God that post was hilarious.

Anonymous said...

Totally brilliant. I think you have a tv show in the making.

Sarah's Fab Day said...

Zoey is the shiz...word!

Anonymous said...

This is the cutest post, I think I have ever seen! Does she say holla too? If so, she has just won my heart!

Anonymous said...

Good for people to know.