Thursday, March 3, 2016

The Artist Formerly Known As Petunia Face

Dig if you will a picture...
Except I am pretty sure you and I should not engage in a kiss as I have been deathly ill with the flu or maybe just a bad cold, bronchitis, quite possibly walking pneumonia. Something tells me this is not the time to flinch from drama. Prince is playing tomorrow night nearby and I am still too sick (and didn't get tickets) to go. Meanwhile, Bryan is going to see the Dead Kennedys tomorrow night as if it is 1985 and he is not grounded with a sick wife and kids at home.

When doves cry,


Anonymous said...

OMG, Prince and Bob Ross are brothers from another mother! Love it! Hope you're better soon - whatever's going around this winter is kicking everyone's butt!

Anonymous said...

It's always a sad day when Prince is nearby and something prevents one from seeing his Royalness perform. Be well.

Anonymous said...

Prince Rogers Nelson
June 7, 1958 to April 21, 2016
Rest in Peace