Tuesday, April 9, 2013

An All-Over the Place Post

Once I told some coworkers they just had to watch a video--it was of a baby being born in a car--and they all recoiled in disgust and now maybe I have a bad reputation at work for you-gotta-see-this videos. (Then again, they made me watch footage of basketball player Kevin Ware breaking his leg in half, so I think we're even.)

All this to say wow, this photo. I just. Can't. It's amazing. And yes, a little gross maybe if you're adverse to a little vernix, but whatevs. Still breathing and feeding from the placenta, this baby isn't technically born yet. Holy intact amniotic sac, amiright?
Then again, I'm in a mood. A push pictures of waxy-coated babies in your face mood. I had a dentist appointment today and the dental hygienist must have said a dozen times that I have the teeth of a 20 year old. Which fine, great, anks so mash (because she had my tongue wrapped in gauze and an instrument shoved deep into my molars) except that every time she said it she followed with, if I were to just look at your teeth I would think you were 20! To which I said, ...?


Apparently my actual face is a dead giveaway for my age.

Perhaps I should have led this post (and left it) with this. This photo of a book...shelf. 
Next time Bryan goes out of town I am totally going to do this in my hallway. If you don't know why I have to wait for my husband to go out of town it's because I am not "allowed" to hang anything on the walls since the Great Laundry Room Wall Incident of 2004. See also: that's what middle-aged women with young-looking teeth do on wild weekends alone. We get crafty with old books and all broody looking at amniotic sacs that aren't even ours.

Happy Tuesday,


Susan said...

Even after two babies I had to look up the word Vernix. I am going to try to work into conversation today. Thanks for the amazing blog. Long time reader. 1st time commenter.
Oh, and cancer does SUCK! it makes you helpless and that sucks a lot. Remember there are no rules to dealing with what you're going thru. Find your own way and screw 'em if it makes others uncomfortable. I hope you are able to get strength and whatever you need from hearing from your minions. We think you can do anything. Cheers! Susan

Susan said...

Long time reader. 1st time commenter.
Even after 2 babies I had to look up the word vernix. Can't wait to work it into conversation.
Oh, and cancer does SUCK! It makes you feel helpless and that sucks too. Remember there are no rules for what you're going through. Do what feels right for you and screw 'em if they can't handle it.
I hope you find comfort and strength from your devoted minions. Cheers! Susan

Petunia Face said...

Hi Susan,
Thanks for your sweet comment. And for the advice about finding my own way to deal...this is very true right now because I just heard that the chemo doctor thinks I call too much. I refuse to apologize for wanting information.

One thing, though--you and other readers are not my minions. That makes me think of Despicable Me. :)


Anonymous said...

It's obvious if he just explained things better the first time you would have fewer questions. I too have been through a parent with cancer and it SUCKS, because it seems there are never enough of the right answers. Yes you do have to find your own way through this and you will while giving your love and support to your mother and family. Thank you for sharing and know that all the best thoughts are being sent your way.