Wednesday, February 15, 2012

So Flippin' Cute Book

I was going to post this on Valentine's Day, but then Bryan made turkey tacos and we watched a bad movie, and, well. Happy belated. This is Zoey's favorite book right now. Mine, too. It's from my office post-holiday party--they had this photo booth thing that wasn't a photo booth at all but took rapid-fire pics and made flip books out of them. I have always adored a good flip book...

I actually went so far as to email the flip book company afterward to find out how much it costs. I was thinking maybe for Zoey's birthday party if it didn't cost a zillion dollars, or even over a hundred? But they never emailed or called me back so I'm thinking if you haven't heard, you've heard, i.e. out of my price range and I'm making my own cupcakes anyway because somehow we owe big time taxes this year.


Mommy and daddy are dancing and dancing and laughing and then they kiss.

Love and turkey tacos,

p.s. Contrary to photographic evidence, Bryan does not sport pimp hats at workplace functions. There were props at the flip book station, of which I opted out.

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Rolerkite said...

There is company that does it in Portland for $300 an hour just to give you an idea..

I made my own flip book for my fiance for our anniversary. You could make her one as a bday gift. Here's the tutorial I used:
It required a shit ton of patience and a drill, but you can do it.