Wednesday, November 2, 2011

WTF Wednesdays: Mathalete Edition!

So because I really do hate the word hump, I think I'm going to call this recurring Wednesday doohicky WTF Wednesdays, as in the slow slide into Wednesday, Thursday, Friday (WTF) with a side order of good ol' fashioned What The Fuck (WTF). Yes?

This week's WTF Wednesday Edition is for the mathalete in all of us (stay with me here, I need you)...

1. If you choose an answer to this question at random, what is the chance that your answer will be correct?
a. 25%
b. 50%
c. 60%
d. 25%

2. Did you know that the last two digits of your birth year + your age = 111. For example, I was born in 1972, so 72 + 39 = 111. Try it. This is true for EVERYONE this year. (Next year it will be 112 if we make it past the Mayan calendar.) WTF.

3. If this dress on the left is $188 at Anthropologie and I have a $100 gift card, should I buy it for $88 or wait to see if ever goes on sale risking the chance it will sell out? (If instead of answering the question you all go out and buy the dress in a size 6, I will cut a bitch.) WTF.
In the classroom of life I am totally trying to cheat off of you. Seriously--can you move your shoulder a bit? I can't see your paper. I hate math, but questions one and two are freaking me the eff out. How the Huh? And question #3 just needs some rationalization.
Happy WTF.


krista said...

i say buy the dress. i'm pretty sure that $88 the best deal you'll ever get for anthro. then again, i was never good at math. it just doesn't add up. (i know, i know.)

Jennifer Hand said...

Definately buy the dress! I want to cut a bitch too, mainly because someone who just had a baby is buying a size 6 anything. My youngest is 10 and I'm still not back to a size 6. Good for you!

xinefly said...

Buy the dress now, but don't take the tags off. Take it back to the store in about 6 weeks and say you'd like to return it. Then it will show up as being on sale! Just return the dress at the price you paid, and buy it back at the sale price.

I discovered this scheme on accident once when I bought an expensive dress, and then tried to return it in a spell of guilty buyers remorse. Ha! It was a win/win! ;)

jennifer said...

my 9 year old was born in 2002. i'm 100 years older than she

Anonymous said...

buy the dress and wait for the shoe wot go on sale