Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Happy Hump Day Q With No A

Today I emailed the following to my co-workers :

Hi kids,
Sometimes, when things get crazy busy in a world where PROVACATIVE gets published on the site under my watch I like to put the Universe (capital U) in perspective with some unanswerable questions…

1. What is wrong with Courtney Stodden and why is she married to someone 34 years older than she is?

2. Just how does the internet work? Like, how did these thoughts from my head get transmitted over invisibleness and into your computer screen where you are now reading thoughts from my head???!

3. What is Kim Richards on??

4. What is after Outer Space? Is there an ending? If not, how can there be no ending?

5. No, seriously—what the eff is Kim Richards on?

Answers appreciated, questions welcomed.
Happy Hump Day,

Needless to say I love my job and truly adore my co-workers even if no one had any answers for me. However, one of them did suggest I post these questions on my blog, so here we are.

Remember when I used to post every day and on Wednesdays published a Happy Hump Day photo? No? Well then. Awkward.
I did, and am going to again. Not the post every day bit, but the Wednesday Happy Hump Day post. Maybe a pic, some musings, whatevs. I'll start. See above. As I said: answers appreciated, questions welcomed.

Happy Hump Day,

p.s. Please know that I abhor the word "hump" almost as much as I hate the word "abhor."


ZDub said...

Courtney Stoddard scares the ever living bejesus out of me. She looks like she needs to be dipped in bleach. It's drugs, right?

wonderchris said...

This ranks up there as one of my favorite posts - ever.

Amy Jayne said...

Is it bad that I am addicted to Courtney Stoddard? What is SHE on? This makes me laugh every time:

krista said...

i wanna work with you.

sweetbittertart said...

My theory is Courtney Stoddard is 36. : )

beachbungalow8 said...

Courtney Stoddard looks to be missing a tooth. Maybe meth? She's 15, that means she was born in 95? no way. I agree, with Sweetbittertart, she's way older.

Kim? over here, we're guessing pain meds.