Monday, November 21, 2011

As an Aside (And as a Title), I Would Love to Surprise My Dad With His 1972 International Scout But I'm Thinking It's a Goner

Bryan does this annoying thing when we watch movies. That is, if there is so much as the slightest possibility of someone dying, like maybe the mother starts to cough a little and it's obvious that in the next 90 minutes she is going to die of lung cancer because duh, people don't cough in movies unless death is imminent, then Bryan sits up and looks back at me. To see if I'm crying. He looks at me with this smirk on his face that says you are such an emotional fish, except of course when I push him away he says what? You are cute! It's because you're so cute. Consequently I have not been able to cry during a movie in quite some time and feel totally constipated.

So last night I showed him this 5 minute flick and watched his eyes get seriously shiny.

Back in the day when I used to wear men's vests to school, also known as 1990, Bryan had a `75 Chevy Caprice (which istotallyalmostthesamething as an Impala if you so much as bring up the difference to him). He spray painted a fishbone across the hood and God help me if Zoey is anything like me, but for some reason I found that fishbone-painted Caprice sexy, even if it did start with a screwdriver. So there's that.

And before you get all jaded consumer--believe me, I went there, too--apparently the brothers started the quest to find their father's Impala and only contacted Chevy to see if they wanted to film the reaction. Their father was indeed miked, but told that they were filming a piece about three family generations when his car pulled up.

So let your eyes shine on.


Gini said...

I am so not a car-drooling kinda gal, but I LOVED that!

Richie Designs said...

omg that's an AMAZEBALLS story totally crying.

My dad is a Chevy guy and has his first love cars as well [the original was totaled in an accident]

love the Fishbone story too ;)

Nancy Fastenau said...

I loved it! Thanks so much for posting this. I teared up, I am sure Bryan did!

Only A Girl said...

My husband does that too. So annoying.