Friday, August 27, 2010

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!

Ladies & gentlemen of the www, we have a winner of The Great Shabby Apple Giveaway! (I fully expect you all to do a little drum roll on your laps right now...)

And the Casablanca dress goes to: commenter #17*, the girL! Congratulations, and I fully expect you to rock that frock in a doorway like the pic. Please email me with your full name, size and mailing address and the ladies at Shabby Apple will send your winnings directly.

On to more marks the beginning of what we informally call The High Holy Days, i.e. the week or weeks surrounding my birthday. The actual day is Monday, but this weekend I will start by getting a pedicure and having a beach party. (If you are wondering what to get me, consider this which I have politely requested for the last six years but have yet to receive. I have a size 6 ring finger, and I will keep asking for this ring until someone slips it onto my cold, dead hand.)

So let's start this party!

*Please note: #17 was completely and utterly chosen by which I would prove to you if only I knew how to do a screen grab which I don't so trust me, kay? (Although the #17 just so happens to be my lifelong lucky number after having won not one, not two, but three cake walks by standing on the #17 square at elementary school Halloween jamborees. I take this to be a very good sign for the upcoming year.) Even finer print: fair & square, if you commented more than once I counted your comments as one.

1 comment:

the girL said...

well, this will be the motivation i need to get back in the gym!
I am in love with this dress and your blog - thank you so much!