Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My Type (What's Yours?)

I have always loved surfers and their thousand yard stares. The way they drive with their faces turned toward the water, necks chafed from rash guards, lips peeling, hair thick with salt. (Though I have never much liked the seawater draining from their noses as they lean down for a kiss.)

Skater boys are a close second, how they find the edge to every plane. I like the clatter of boards on asphalt, (though I do wish they didn't all have so many scabs).

As you can imagine, I quite enjoyed this video, the art of the tarp just my type. (Though the narrator himself is a bit--hm. I object to the cliched use of "groms" and the nasally sound of his voice.)

Happy Hump Day,


sherri said...

I like scruffy and humorous, preferably with a big nose. Not sure if that is a type, but if it is, it's mine. Surfers are pretty hawt, too.

jennifer said...

I like the guitar-playing, song-writing, hip-shaking, fun-having, sweaty-making kind. If they surf also, I'm hooked!( lookin at you, JJ)
love the video!

Only A Girl said...

I don't know....seems like they're just skating on flat ground while a tarp billows above them. Not so impressed. *Real* skaters and surfers, however, are simply awesome.