Thursday, November 5, 2009

Blogger Down

Not with the H1N1 virus or anything sexy like that, but with work and a child who refuses to take part in Daylight Standard Time, a fridge harboring nothing but baking soda, milk and salsa, plus when I roll up my driver's side window a gap remains so that when I drive on the freeway my car emits a low airy whistle like a perv, or a fart. Wheeeeeh. Everything off track. As I type this my cursor is flickering spasmodically. I can't help but think of that time when the sound of Mary Hart's voice triggered seizures in an epileptic, like maybe my computer is sending me into the throes of something; I wonder if someone would insure my legs for one million dollars each.
All this to say that I am not posting today, which, yeah. It's like when someone asks if they can ask you a question? And you kinda' want to bitch slap them while wearing a large purple costume jewelry cocktail ring? Like that.

The good news is I am fairly certain I can make a bomb with the contents of my fridge.

Back tomorrow.


pillow mint said...

well, you probably don't have a pile of (clean) laundry in your room that rivals mt. mckinley. my husband was actually digging through it looking for socks this morning. :)

Karen said...

Even when you write to say you have nothing to write you are one of the best writers I've ever read!

Cindy said...

Thanks for blogging to say you can't blog!

There's a guy in my office who breathes exactly like the sound your car window makes. It's not the LEAST BIT ANNOYING!!!


sarah said...

No worries. Salsa is a food group.

Diane said...

My brother in law works for a major newspaper. A co-worker was found dead at his desk. He was googling heart attack symptoms.
I suppose that's how they tape the crime scene?

Duel Living said...

My car makes that whirring whistley noise too...and my computer...and my overweight cat. I also hate when the wipers on my car make that farty noise...I find myself looking at others in traffic to make sure that they know..."it wasn't's my wipers, or my shoes...yeah my shoes."

The Lil Bee said...

Just stopping by to say I'm not commenting today.

Oh, and I missed this place...!

Sophie Lorraine I said...

I laughed out loud quite literally at the picture you posted today.
Then I read Diane's comment and laughed a little harder.
I think I might be sick in the head, slightly. :)

Petunia Face said...

Dude, I know--I totally snickered at Diane's comment--so funny!--and then immediately felt my jaw tingle (one symptom of a heart attack, don't ask why I know such things).