Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Incidentally, Most of My Friends Also Call Me Big Phil.

Today is the kind of day that makes me wish for airbrushing.
Or at the very least gobs of shiny lipgloss and earrings that glint, vaseline smeared liberally across the lens of anybody that dares look at me.

Today is the kind of day that makes me wish for a best side, a profile, when honestly? Today my best side feels as if it may well be my feet. And so it is that today I wish I had these shoes because they are cheap and they are awesome, (a little like yours truly). But even at cheap they are above my spending hiatus, so if you buy them please don't tell me. Or get me a pair, too, size 7.5; as with everything, they'd look super cute with jeans.

But then there's this: I’m not afraid to get sand on my tuxedo, if you’re not afraid to let the wind mess your hair up a little bit when I take the top down. Jesus Christ, the Day just doesn't get any Humpier than this. (I call dibs on dressing up as the mustachioed guy in the blue-checkered sweater for Halloween!)

So please, lick the vaseline off the lens here and enjoy your Wednesday.


krista said...

is it my imagination or did the dude who loved goddess women have the SMALLEST HEAD IN CREATION.
and oh lord what i you were single and you were required by some sort of law to pick one of these men for yourself?

hmrubes said...

I'm super-stressed right now because I'm trying to get a butt-load of stuff done before my wedding in two weeks. I needed this to remind me that everything I do is worth it. Hmmm, forced by law to pick one of them? Uggghh, maybe the guy with the Viking helmet and various furs. I'm not sure if he wore that get-up for fun, fashion or business but I kind of want to find out.

Brandi at Duel Living said...

Ahhhh...awesome! Laughed my *ss off watching that video. Where do you find this stuff?

vicki archer said...

Thank you for the giggle...xv

Simply Mel said...

Maybe we can split the cost of the shoes and call it a day? I'm also having one of those crazy hump least you can always provide a good chuckle!

Simply Mel said...

To make you feel better - the 7.5 is sold out!

Cathi said...

Thanks for the laugh!!! You always make me smile...:)