Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I stand beneath the yellow tree losing its leaves and think to hell with people who think we have no Fall, crunch crunch and that smell. That smell! Of paper and the promise of earthworms. I am in love, and beneath that tree I am an asshole, one hand holding a paper aardvark, or maybe it's an armadillo, an anteater. 'A' for the way my daughter scribbled hard with the purple crayon, the way her preschool teacher told me she is so smart, how she knows her alphabet and answers first, what would we think about moving her into pre-K? ('A' for allegory, me suddenly the potential of a mom with bumper stickers boasting honor student, a line drawing decal depicting each member of the family stuck across the back window, flip flops at the end like a vacation we took for the story.) 'A' is for aloha, aardvark, asshole and apple.
'A' is for Autumnal Equinox, and, believe it or not, Happy. Hook, line, and sinker, construction paper cinnamon simmering sweet hot on the stove.



Kwana said...

Those eyes of hers just make me melt. So glad school is going well.

krista said...

a is also for awesome. just so's ya know.

Anonymous said...

oh please please don't turn into one of those moms who just can't help herself from telling everyone how incredibly SMART her little darling is -- There is really nothing more annoying.

Petunia Face said...

Anonymous--I know, I know. Those moms suck #2 pencils, boring blah as annoying as a pta meeting.

But my daughter is pretty freaking smart. Oops! It just slipped out!


Robin said...

Oh, no...do not get one of those bumper stickers.

But I agree with Krista, A is definitely for awesome...yea Zoey

Anonymous said...

Oh I'm sure she's just as bright as can be, and I don't mean to be a cranky anonymean. But if I hear another Mom sigh and "complain" about how her 1st grader is reading the third Harry Potter book and doing quadratic equations in her spare time I'm going to lose it.