Friday, June 5, 2009

And What Won't (Just as Important)

And what won't (USA):
Getting laid off twice in one year--1 in whoknowsbutprobablymorecommonthanyouthink
Being forced to sell the home you thought of as your dream house--1 in toomany
Living one month in limbo--1 in oh,youtoo?
Chin zits from searching the www every day for a job--1 in 743,000
Navigating the health care system--1 in this mightactuallykillmesopleasestaytuned
Tomorrow is moving day. When I called PG&E to set up service they asked if this was a rental or if we owned. I exhaled and said "rental." A box was checked and that is all. I thought that this would kill me, that this was the worst case scenario, that this was the end of everything when really it is the beginning of something. This is nothing and everything, just a house when my home is in boxes and paper, trash bags stuffed with sheets and my dust mites. My home is in my family and tomorrow my family moves into our new house. And yes, it is a rental, but I am very much alive.
Weekend, tout le monde, and I am happy.
SOURCES: National Center for Now Accepting Australian Tree Ferns as Housewarming Gifts, American What's Important Society, National Federation of Happy Friday, Center for Petunia Face Lack of Control But Hanging On Anyway, World Love Organization.


Unknown said...

We are all renting on this planet.

Vanessa said...

Everything's going to turn out great. But you're right and so is Hej. A house is just a pile of bricks. You've already got all the most important stuff. Good luck with the move!

krista said...

besides...think of it this way:
you're never responsible when crap breaks down.
case in point...the wall outside our kitchen and kitchen window is leaking water.
are we worried?
know why?
cause we rent.
they're dealing with it and if we have to be put up somewhere during all of this...

Alexsandria said...

That statistic about earthquakes makes me feel a lot better about living in California.

Sharon said...

Think of yourself as a "free spirit". Just like the saying goes "Freedom's just another word for nothing left to loose". That was Janet Joplin. And wouldn't we all like to be more like her?

Anonymous said...

Big hugs .... xx

s. said...

I live in what I consider to be my dream house and I constantly have rental fantasies. So footloose and fancy free! Yay, you.

amber {daisy chain} said...

I hope the move went well!! we missed you guys at Ruby's party - we'll have to celebrate with a park day once you're all settled, xo

Richie Designs said...

Congrats on your new adventure and for not being chained down anywhere.

You are literally "free to move about the world" if I might use SW's very clever tag line.

dee said...

I'm sorry:( I know it sucks big ones right now, but I like the way you're taking it all in stride. Your family is your home.

I also like the way Krista thinks. One thing that doesn't suck about rentals? Having a super or landlord to come fix things when they break--for free! I do miss that.

Robin said...

Hope the move went well. Can't wait to hear about the new place.

Kari said...

Loved this post! It's just a matter of time before I'm laid off from a firm I've worked for the past fifteen years. My worst fear is losing our "dream" home.

Your words, that you family is your home, really spoke to me. You are so right.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Renting is so much better after you have owned a house for awhile. We did it for three years in between homes (when we could find nothing afordable to buy after our too small house sold). Enjoy it while it lasts.