Sunday, August 10, 2008

For those of you who are not vacationing in Southern California

Hi! Happy Monday! I (SGM) am blog-sitting today, and instead of missing Susannah and being bitter and depressed about our beach-less lives, we're going to have fun! While I'm in charge, we're going to eat crap and gossip about stupid stuff. Sound good? Okay then. Pass me one or five of Susannah's secret stash of Cadbury creme eggs (she's been hoarding them since Easter) and let's get started on Dumb Questions about the Olympics that Must Be Answered:

1. Am I the only one who thinks that gymnast Alicia Sacramone looks like Jessica Simpson?

Minus some boobs and muscle? Sorry to hit you with that Jessica photo without warning, by the way, but there is a passing resemblance, right?


Sharp-eyed reader Erin noted that Alicia also looks like Kristin Cavalleri of Laguna Beach fame. I agree!

2. Does this commercial make you tear up every. single. time?

I'm a little upset with Visa for making me look like such a little tiny baby 5 times a day.

3. Do Olympians have day jobs? Who pays for all of their training and coaching and fancy outfits and Gatorade and trips to China? Does anyone know how all of this is financed? It's not like the Olympics culminates in a huge multi-million dollar contract and you can pay everyone back. Unless, of course, you're Michale Phelps.

4. Speaking of Michael Phelps. His body? NOT TOO SHABBY.

By the way, I also cry when I see him talking about his mom.

5. How do you all feel about Paul you'll-have-to-pry-this-gold-medal-out-of-my-cold-dead-hands Hamm? What is his legacy after that debaucle in Athens? He is allegedly one of the greatest gymnasts in history, but his conduct during the 2004 Olympics left a bad taste in my mouth. I know he won his gold medal appeal, but he would have been such a (rich) hero if he would have given that medal up to the South Korean guy, who technically won. Is he paying a karmic debt with his injury this year? What do you think?

6. How cool is the swim cube?

Nice work, China! Now get cracking on that smog.

Well! Now that I've posted some photos of half-naked people, talked shit about an Olympic gold medalist, and eaten most of those Cadbury eggs, I'll be off!

Have a great week even though you're not relaxing on a sandy beach, everyone! Mommy will be home soon.


JackeeG4glamorous said...

I'm almost already sick of the Olympics and it just started.

Paul the cry baby? Yeah, I didn't miss him. But did you see the Chinese gymnasts that look 10 or 11 years old?

Courtney said...
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Amanda said...

Michael Phelps is SO hott.

He wears his pants so low, though that it is kinds erotic, and I do worry tiny little bit about them falling down and revealing his stuff...

Courtney said...

#3) My husband was a professional high jumper who qualified for Olympic Trials and we've gone over this question so much. I'm forever wanting to know all the background details as well! Great post, SGM!

Basically the reason he isn't jumping anymore is because of money. It's almost unheard of to have a full-time job and have the time to train in order to be Olympic material. It's next to impossible. Also, you really need to either live at a training center or have one very close by to maintain the mindset, workout schedule, and training needed to stay on top of your game.

Some Olympic sponsors like Coca-Cola or Home Depot understand the money/job balance athletes need. They employ athletes for part time jobs in their companies and in turn they sponsor them for athletic events, allowing the athlete to have a supplemental income while they train.

Depending on the sport, it's quite sad how many athletes barely get by to make their dreams come true. Basketball and high profile sports, well these athletes are paid VERY well and definitely don't scrimp on anything in life. But for a more specific breakdown:

Olympic sports (baseball, track, kayaking, rowing, gymnastics, volleyball, et al) These guys are paid one of two ways:

1) If you're in the top 10 of your individual sport in your country, you have the possibility to be sponsored by the USOC, US Olympic Committee. You can live at the Olympic Training Center as long as you remain ranked. Housing and monthly stipends are provided and the rate depends on your rank, anywhere from $1,000 - 3,000 a month. This is a government sponsored organization that raises its own money for the purpose of supporting athletes.

2) Sponsorship. When you're ranked. you're going to be sponsored by companies like Gatorade, Nike, etc. Mostly they pay for travel to regular events. For national and Olympic trial events, you will be sponsored by your individual sport's committee. For example, my husband's travel was paid for by the USTF (US Track & Field) because he was ranked #8 in the world, top 5 in the US. You go to meets and can win money, up to $3,000-4,000 in Track. Not really that much when you consider what basketball and football players earn; it all comes down to coverage and ticket sales.

So that's the basics in a nutshell. This question can literally be answered in about a million ways, but hopefully this gave you a basic understanding. It's so interesting the politics and logistics behind the most amazing competition in the world!

SGM said...

Jackee--no I haven't seen the Chinese girls yet. I'll check it out. But that Shawn Johnson? She's like 4' 9" She looks 12.

Amanda, I know! It's exciting.

Courtney, thank you so much! WOW about your husband--and thank you for the inside (loop) scoop there. So sad that you pretty much have to be independently wealthy to train for the Olympics in most sports. Sheesh.

Erin said...

SGM, you pose some great questions. I can see the Alicia Sacramone/Jessica Simpson comparison, though last night when I was watching gymnastics I actually thought Alicia looked a lot like Kristen Cavallieri of Laguna Beach fame. What do you think?

Jennifer said...

Wow--I wasn't really paying attention to the Olympics--but after reading this, I think I will!

And, yes, that gymnast looks a lot like JS!

Judy said...

Great Blog Sitting/writing,SGM! So glad you found Sus' stash of Cadbury Eggs. I was fully prepared to rat her out. Hope you've also found her Caramel Pretxels from Trader Joe's. I'm just hoping she hid her Porn collection and definitive though kinky collection of sex toys....just kidding, settle down Beavis, er, Susannah.

What a fantastically detailed and informative response by Courtney re financing Olympians. It's my new knowledge for the day.

I agree with the Alicia/Jessica resemblence. Jessica scares me anytime and now that I've seen the Alicia Sacramone photo you posted, I have to admit that her most terrifying calf muscle looks as if it is extremely aggressive and straining to get loose and come after me-at least that's the nightmare I'm envisioning. On the other hand, Michael Phillips' photo may well make up for everything and more. Lascivious moi is thinking more along the lines of HOPING those trunks slip another inch or so rather than worrying that they might! He alone is well worth the investment of my time in watching....Gorgeous and so sexy!

Well, after re-reading this comment, you would all be fair in thinking I'm some sex-crazed, old lady...and I'd be guilty at times but not so much overall.

I don't leave for a few more days for the long anticipated, happy trek to SoCal and the Wedding Festivities. I am still trying to figure out how to wrap and tie the dress I bought for the main event which, apparently can be worn over 75 different ways. Personally, I'm just hoping that I can master ONE way by myself so as not to have to call the Consierge to dress me!

Again, good job with the Blog Sitting!


Erin said...

Oh, wow, this is going to be a good week! The comments we get from Judy when Susannah is not around to hit 'delete' are even better than usual!

And, Judy, I know you will rock that Mother-of-the-Groom dress the way you do every other outfit you wear. Trust me -- I saw the photos from Andy's movie premier.

Misplaced Country Girl said...

I love that almost all of the pictures in this post and the video were blocked out by "the powers that be" here at work, but the Jessica Simpson pic passed. That makes sense! And thank you. I spent all night trying to figure out who she looks like. You are dead on with that. And Erin is right about Kristin from Laguna Beach. I'm so glad you girls worked this out for me.

Judy said...

Erin, thanks for the compliments and vote of confidence. As I write this comment, I am anxiously awaiting a sales person from Ambiance to come to my office. It seems that, after trying on a blizzard of totally inappropriate dresses last Sunday in my frantic, last minute MOTG dress search, all a size or two smaller than I distinctly said I wear (depressing and maddening), I FINALLY found THE DRESS. Strangely enough it was the first dress I had gravitated to on the rack...however, it was a "complicated" dress to visualizes because it has a long-flowing, drapey, figure flattering, silk jersey skirt from elastic "waist" to floor and then it has what appeared to be two pieces of same material looking like halter halves in front-backless otherwise. The kicker was that these "halter" peices ended in a big, fat, braid of material without explanation. The material felt great and the yummy plum color worked-then I heard Sus saying to me, "Back AWAY from that dress. Mom". She followed by remarking that, since I have trouble tying my shoes and am, admittedly spacially-challenged, there was no way I could "handle" this dress. Even so, I snuck it into the dressing room. In desperation, all sweaty, tired and ready to either cry or start slapping and/or biting salespeople, I tried on the mystery dress and it was HEAVEN! The "Butter by Nadia" dress expert helped me pull up, wrap, cross and tie the @ 6 ' long halter pieces-formerly in a braid. It was perfect and I bought it. Last night, only days before I leave, with way too much to do before then, I was showing the dress to a friend and, WHAT the Fuck?! There on the dress hem was the plastic anti-theft lock. I know from experience (no I wasn't stealing) that I could not remove this myself without destroying the dress. I called and bitched and, miraculously, they are sending someone to my office where I have the dress to free it...and to demonstrate and illustrate the way to put it on for the look I want.

And, yes, I am taking advantage of sweet daughter's absence to talk, talk, talk. I am pretty sure there's at least a delay on her delete function while Miss Zoey keeps them busy on I%!

SGM said...

Go Judy!!!

Erin, YES on Kristin C. I am going to amend the post to reflect that. Good eye!

The Lil Bee said...

Dayum, Gina! That's a tough act to follow. Now I'm even more nervous to post tomorrow.

Save me a Cadbury Egg or two, will ya? I'm going to need the sugar rush to come up with something Petunia Face-worthy.

PS: She totally resembles Jessica...good call!

I *Heart* You said...

excellent post my dear SGM!!! I am only getting my Olympic info through the blogs and you just brought me up to speed!

Petunia Face said...

Excellent post SGM--I told you all this would be the best week of posts ever!

I am currently in Del Mar at a little hippie hotel (not run by short hairy peaceniks, per se, but just an artsy little hovel though I would have been fine had it been run by diminutive hairy people, I think) and the wireless is spotty at best. So my mom is lucky--I can't monitor my comments, or her.

Having a fabulous vacation and it's only made better knowing my blog is in such excellent hands! Thanks SGM and all the lovely ladies who will be helping out this week!

Kathi D said...

On some of the talktalktalktalk on the Olympics the other night, I heard that Canada has started paying athletes for medals, and that the U.S. has been doing that already. I think they said Canada will pay $20,000 for a gold, and if they said what U.S. athletes get, I missed it. So Michael Phelps could do well financially this Olympics.

Kathi D said...

Of course, I am quite worried about the U.S. basketball team and how they are scraping by.

Sidney Ann said...

If I were an Olympic athlete, I would want to be sponsored by Cadbury - the Official Snack of Champions.

Also, I would like to add that some athletes (like a lot of gymnasts) elect not to be sponsored because if they accept ANY money they are ineligible for the NCAA - those very athletes longing for that sport-longevity are sponsored by their hard-working parents. Parents who truly believe that an Olympic medal is more important than a childhood. But of course, that's only my opinion. :D

Pippa said...

Great post SGM, you are doing a fine job,very funny and high five for the Michael Phelps pic although it feels almost unpatriotic of me to say that - but kudos where its due.

The Nerdy Fashionista said...

are you kidding? I was praying those god damn pants would succumb to gravity every time he strolled across my TV screen. And the peekaboo rings tattoo is just unfair.