Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The Underminer

Let's see, it's Thursday and I'm in love again!
Another funny guy of the jolie-laid persuasion, this time in the form of Mike Albo who I am sure would object to being called jolie-laid. Anyone would, really, except maybe Serge Gainsbourg and he's dead. Still, I love the term and I guess I love me the funny guys who aren't classically handsome. (For the record, Bryan is both classically handsome and funny. Which I guess makes him jolie-drôle. And me très lucky.)
Anyhoo, Mike Albo... yeah. Apparently he's got this book, which I am now going to have to buy, called The Underminer: The Best Friend Who Casually Destroys Your Life. He had me at "casually destroys your life." (Because I am not so easy as ever to be had at "hello." For the record? I HATED Jerry Maguire. That romance was pathetic.) (Good God, I am all over the place with the non-sequiturs today.) (Which reminds me: when typing a sentence inside of brackets, does this period go inside or outside? What about a question mark?)??? Oh shut up.
So yes, Mike Albo has created this character called The Underminer, the frenemy whose every compliment comes off as an insult, making you feel incredibly neurotic and small and stupid. Or, as the Boston Globe puts it, the Underminer is "a viper cloaked in velvet. The Shaquille O''Neal of schadenfreude.” I wish I had written that but I didn't. Damn you, Boston Globe.
Now Albo has brought his nefarious smiling villian to You Tube with two videos. The first has The Underminer welcoming you to yoga class with information on your ayurvedic body type (um, gassy), and the second video has you running in to The Underminer at a Whole Foods type store whereupon he gives you dietary advice for your little "American-bodied" daughter.
God, I love this man.

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