Monday, April 9, 2012

Another One for the Baby Book

Monday, April 9th, 2012. Zoey is officially way cooler than I am.Please no one tell her this until she is 19 years old. Although let's be honest: look at that picture. She totally already knows it.
And yes, she picked out the entire outfit. When I tried to tell her that maybe zebra print didn't go with the pattern on her skirt or the illustration on her shirt, or perhaps it clashed with the sequin tie (?!) and cardigan plus the glitter gladiator sandals, she told me that I don't know modern. Only she pronounces it with 3 syllables: ma-der-ehn. Excuse me whilst I take leave in my comely horse and buggy, verily young sprite.
And yes, I covet her sandals. Target. And no, they don't come in grown up sizes. I checked.


sunshine said...

She is totally cool and way more stylish than me, way to go Zoey!

Jen said...

I like her rainbow toenails. I love these almost-6-year-olds who have their own sense of style. Good for them.

Hello Lovely said...

Oh she is too fab!!!! That outfit!

bronwyn said...

She is so darling. I love love love kid outfits. They are the best. My daughter has taken to layering dresses on top of each other. The more special the occasion, the more dresses she wears. She wore for dresses at once when she got to come visit me at work. Sounds weird. Looked amazing.