Friday, November 20, 2015

All Of It True

It has been a week of cognitive dissonance. Of feeling soul-punched by what happened in Paris but at the same time guilty that I do not have the same reaction to Beirut, angry that I feel guilty, scared of what I do not understand, warmed by the stories on Facebook, the inspirational quotes with the incorrect use of 'your'. It has been a week of feeling too much contradictory shit at once, of thinking about how we strive for internal consistency because contradictory beliefs cause psychological strife; this is what I think about while watching Vanderpump Rules. 

I can no longer skip, a milestone that tripped me up without realizing it. I mean, I knew I could not really run anymore. The damage caused by MS pulled at me slowly, like how when you're swimming in the ocean and look up to realize that the tide has pulled you down the beach. You look for your umbrella on the sand. Where? So the running--whatever. I can't really run, I say weakly to my kids when we play. Stop. But skip. I tried to show Ozzy how to skip the other day and it was gone. More of a lurch. A huh? The myelin sheath apparently scarred over on my skip neuron. Okay then. The list of things I can still do is so much longer than what I can't, the can't hopefully halted. I am okay. It will all be okay. When's the last time I skipped anyway?

A friend of mine at work made me this shirt that I will love forever, although I have yet to figure out the best place to wear it. The office, yoga, school drop off--what's going to come of all of this?
The spirit in me honors the spirit in you, motherfucker. Contradictory and true.


SH said...

(I think) you'll be happy to know that I go to yoga 3 x a week and never miss a chance to silently mouth the word "motherfucker" after responding to the teacher's "Namaste." I think of you every time.

Petunia Face said...

Ah! Yes, that makes me strangely, effusively happy! :)

Hazy Diamond said...

Namaste mofo

Anonymous said...

Your hair has grown quite nicely. You look like Audrey Tatou now

I don't have anything else to say, the past week's horrible events have left me numb, but a defiant Namaste will come soon.

Chin-up Ximena said...

Lol ... skipping.
Last time I did it was when in track and field practice at primary school.
You can always youtube it for him.

Unknown said...

Oh! Anon beat me to it. Your hair is looking fly. Your hair has always been lovely, but something about the short hair makes your eyes seem more expressive, to say nothing about their size (enormous). Love it, love it, love it!

Mr. X said...

Hubba, hubba.

So, this whole "marriage" thing. Bryan and all. I mean, is it solid? Do I have a chance?!

Call me...


I kid, I kid.

Happy Thanksgiving to the Petunia Face Tribe. (Especially Bryan!)


Mr. X