Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The September Sessions (A Month Late)

I was thinking about Grape-Nuts yesterday, I have no idea why. The cereal. Something about October makes me more nostalgic than usual, and I was thinking that I want to get some Grape-Nuts. I haven't had them in probably 20 years, and though I remember them being pretty gritty terrible dry, I also remember loving the sound of eating them, how it sounded like footsteps on gravel, how that was enough.

It is October and Zoey is officially cooler than I am. This year she started guitar lessons and skateboarding at the ramp. I look at her and the 9 year old inside of me wants to be her friend. So does the 15 year old inside of me, the 43 year old, though I also know I have to be her mother first. I look at her and I remember October as the beginning of everything, at Ozzy planting little seeds in Dixie cups waiting for what to grow. I am lucky in that I had a happy childhood, safe, a childhood in which the sound of footsteps on gravel was a pretty noise. This weekend we will have Grape-Nuts for breakfast.


kerwin said...

If I recall correctly, if you put the bowl of cereal with milk in the microwave for a bit, it becomes a bit like oatmeal. Though since you only seem to like the crunchy texture, that might not be the route for you. I also remember cracklin' oat bran as a cereal from the fall. But those rock hard "O"s never appealed to me much either. I was/am more of a fruity pebbles/cinnamon toast crunch (SUGAR!!!) kind of gal.

Anonymous said...

I used to think "Grape Nuts" was a venereal disease.

Then again, I also thought "Asphalt" was rectum trouble.