Tuesday, September 16, 2014

How Do You Answer The Rumors That You Are A Silly Bitch? alt title: Liebe meine Apschminki!

Things are getting a little Sprocket-y around here what with The Unspoken Thing and deaddays (which is the opposite of a birthday, duh). Have you ever thought about that? How every year you pass by your own date of death without even knowing it? Like maybe years from now you will die on September 16th and here we are--today is your very own deadday! Shit. Blow out the candles because there I go again.
Wait. I can fix this.


(Subhead: Kittens That Aren't Dying!)

We got a new kitten. Make that kittens. Which makes me a crazy cat Sprocket lady, but that's cool. 

Meet Cinque, pronounced Cheenkway, Italian for 5 because he's the 5th cat Bryan and I have had together.
And this is Ike. Pronounced Ayiiikk, as in Not Turner but Eisenmann, the child actor from Escape To Witch Mountain.* 
*Not really, but side note: my brother was a dead ringer for that guy when he was little and used to get asked if he could move things by playing a harmonica which really confused me/shattered my soul because no one ever asked me if I were Kim Richards and I subsequently tried very hard to talk to animals for much longer than I should have just to prove them all wrong because I really was Tia/Kim Richards in my heart of hearts and now she is my very favorite on RHOBH. Team Kim! slash Me!
So yeah, kittens. I mean, KITTENS!

Now let's just hope they don't die.



Heidi said...

I think now is definitely the time to dance!

Anonymous said...

Jawoll, it's time to dance!
Cinque and Ike are adorable ...