Sunday, October 21, 2012

reepy Serets

The other day I found a fire engine in the fridge along with a shoe and later a part of something, not sure what. It was hard to write that seeing as how the other day the right side shift key on my laptop disappeared and then the letter -- you know, the one between b and d? That key--gone. Beause really it was a fire truk that I found in the fridge, a shoelae and later the plasti piee of a toy, not sure what. Quik! Tell a story without one letter. Diffiult fored to be hard, the world suddenly shrunk down to 25 letters.

Ozzy likes to be at the highest point in any room. He limbs (missing letter there!) on top of hairs (missing letter!), tables and ountertops (yes, again). He bangs and pulls at drawers, keyboards, opening things that are losed (not going to keep this up beause you get it now, yes?). My mind onstantly filling in the gap of what ould happen just like yours is right now filling in the missing letter. See? How our minds make sense of what is in front of us even if something is not quite right. Why shouldn't a shoelae go in the risper?

Have you seen this? This statue of an angel stood near a house door. One day a dog broke the angel's wing, and the statue's owner disovered a reepy seret inside.
I love shit like this.

p.s. Anyone know if I an just glue the keys bak, or will the glue fuk up my keyboard?


Unknown said...

I'd try glue. I mean, your keyboard is already screwed, right? Can't make it much worse.

A Perfect Gray said...

one of your better piees.

anita said...

that is so reepy, razy, fuked up!