Friday, June 8, 2012

Call it a Day

This week has pretty much kicked me in the face with a steel-toed Havaiana (summer can be a bitch) so I leave you with this:
This man is 69 years old. He drove a truck for 28 years, hence the unilateral hyperkeratosis, nodular elastosis and general dermatoheliosis on the left side of his face, i.e. the sun coming through the driver's side window fucked his shit up. Note to Self: wear sunscreen.

See also: Footnote to Self: when taking photos of your baby in the bath with your new iphone, do not accidentally push the button that flips the lens around so that you see yourself caught completely unawares, head tilted down pluralizing your chin, eyes crinkled up like a 69 year old truck driver.



Amy T said...

So, this won't help in the unexpected iPhone moment, but check out the double-chin elimination trick.

Also, you are rad, Susannah.

Anonymous said...

I did this last week - except that I was taking a picture of my son on his 21ST BIRTHDAY just after we returned from the beach. Do you know how horrible a 55 year old woman looks when she's spent an incredibly hot day at the beach without lipstick, a comb or a fresh water shower? Very, very bad.

Enjoy the baby! They grow up fast, but the good news is they're really fun as teenagers and young adults.