Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I Like Big Lists (And I Cannot Lie)

Apropos of Wednesday, i.e. nothing, here is a list of things that I hope I don't pass on to Zoey and Ozzy:

1. The little breathy thing I do in place of a laugh. I wish I had a great laugh, a loud laugh, one that people shushed at the movies, but I don't. Instead I do this little exhale thing even though I find most things in life very, very funny.
2. My propensity for a double chin.
3. Intolerance of crowds, people cutting in line, close-talkers, loud voices, people who take up too much air, the bullish among us.
4. My over-active imagination when it comes to germs. The above does not help.
5. The disgust I have for fish, mushrooms, most meat, eggplant, beer, hard alcohol, runny eggs, coffee and hot sauce. It is very hard to be a convincing adult when you don't like these things.

And because this is Hump Day, equal parts the beginning and the end of the week, here is a list of things I hope Zoey and Ozzy get from me:

1. The inclination to find most everything funny. Absurd. To find themselves constantly amused by what is going on around them.
2. Long limbs, pretty toes.
3. The ability to fall asleep anywhere. Seriously. If tired enough I could curl up on the street and snooze (so long as I had a sweatshirt to wad up beneath my head, see #4 above). I am fairly confident that at some point in my life this will become a valuable asset.
4. Comfort in calling children pet names. One time my childhood friend Christine said that she remembers my mom always calling her honey, that she loved the way it made her feel, and now I am pleasantly surprised by how easily these words fall from my mouth with Zoey's friends. Silly chicken, sweetie, love. I hold this as a talent, to naturally call people these names, and mean it.
5. The love of reading. Books, magazines, bumper stickers, billboards, packaging. For all the world to be a story forever unfolding, just waiting to be read.

And now just because. Not that I want this to become a blog about napkins, but this:Zoey drew me a napkin to put in my lunch today. I know. Which just goes to show that what I have already passed down to her is the ability to discern the best nib to use on double-ply Bounty, as well as the knowledge that a surprise fish with eyelashes at noon is like having cupcakes for lunch with a side order of vacuum-fresh cereal marshmallows.


jennifer said...

this reminds me that I have slept in several motels over the years where, upon inspection, I have remained on top of the covers, fully clothed including coat, hood up & boots on. One I can remember, sleeping this way ON TOP of my suitcase, on top of the bed. I guess since having children, I've decided to spend more on accommodations!

Jules said...

I can't believe how well she draws! She got that from you, too. :)

Michelle M in KY said...

I adore, love, swoon over the napkin and the traits that you are already passing on. That's good stuff right there!

sherri said...

I have #2 and 3 and a hatred for mushrooms and hard liquor from your top list and all of your last list. Zoey's napkin art is really great!

Petunia Face said...

Thanks guys! xoxo!

anita said...

I thought I was unique in the fact that I can fall asleep *anywhere* if I'm tired enough.
At least you have a breathy-thing for a laugh. My is virtually silent...with tears.

Zoey's drawing looks like yours!
Have a great weekend!

The Misses said...

Frame it! That's precious!