Monday, March 19, 2012

Crawl Fish (Good With Butter and a Bit of Cayenne Pepper)

Is it horrible that I like to put something shiny on one side of the room and Ozzy on the other, only so I can watch him pull himself across the floor like a very determined paraplegic?

Yes, noted. It is horrible and delicious and I only have t-minus a very short time until I will no longer be allowed to relax ever again because he will be walking into doorknobs and off cliffs and onto paths where all I will get to see is his back as he totters and then walks and runs toward a life without me.
Is it just me, or is everything happening fasterfasterlikethis lately?



Emily said...

I can't help but think you should spray a little vinegar on his belly and have that little paraplegic work as a floor cleaner. (see also: crawlfish and vinegar)

Petunia Face said...

I like the way you think Emily!

Gini said...

There is no other way to describe the look on his face. DETERMINED INDEED.

Jules said...

Mikey used to military crawl. He never did crawl the right way, if there is one.

Side note: is it me, or does he almost look like he is military crawling across the floor to tweet out something maybe his dog died? ;)

Petunia Face said...

Let's hope he faces all of life with that same determination.

Jules--you are naughty. Which is why I like you so. ;)

krista said...

this is sort of freaking me out with cuteness. for real.
and i'm also terrified to think that my own son will be mobile soon. cause i'm sort of looking at yours as the benchmark. so.
make time stop.

Heidi F. said...

Hw definitely has his eye on the prize!