Wednesday, October 5, 2011

But Those Eyes!

I mean...RIGHT??

p.s. Santa might have to bring Zoey a real Blythe doll for Christmas because ohmygodIlovethem, I mean, Zoey thinks they are the bee's knees. This one? Please. And yes I realize they are pricey if not plain ol' overpriced.

...For now we will have to settle for the cheap-o version. And maybe a book.

p.p.s. Fuck it if I'm not 39 years old and fronting my daughter to cover for my sudden and pathetic desire for a doll.


sunshine said...

The doll kinda looks like Zoey, but not as cute as the real deal!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey, I'm trying to prompt mine(5year old) into wanting one, then I can get one too! So its a little over priced, you'll just covet her more!Just think of it as connecting with your daughter. Who to choose tho...