Sunday, September 18, 2011

Quelqu'un Ma Dit (Que Je Suis Une Total Butthole)

I think I owe my daughter an apology. I was not my best mom this weekend. She whined. I yelled. She whined some more. I sent her to her room.
It's just that there is so much change going on, I think, all of it good, most of it. No, all. We are tired.
Which means that tomorrow morning she gets waffles while tonight I creep into her room to kiss her cheek. I am sorry.

This is the song I have been singing at bedtime, my french loose like a chignon apres a nap. Something about how our lives aren't worth much, that they pass in an instant like wilting roses, but that someone told her he still loves her so how could that be true? Ozzy on my boob while I tickle Zoey's back. We think this might be the most beautifulest song ever and tonight, after they are in bed? I promise I will be better. Serait-ce possible alors?

p.s. Bonus groovy points because mais bien sur France would have a first lady who could sing like this.


Molly said...

I was there, I was there, I was there ... and we came back.

Beautiful song! Good luck.

Ceci said...


Michelle M in KY said...

It must be the time...or lack of it that makes us feel so unbalanced. Bundle that with back to work, breastfeeding & lack of sleep and any Mama will be short on patience. I feel ya, I feel ya & completely relate to going in and saying I am sorry & promising to be a better Mama tomorrow. I love her and them and my heart breaks when I am an asshole. OK, so "as if" you have time to read, you need to pick up a book called "Sippy Cups are not for Chardonnay" by Stephanie Wilder-Taylor. I am telling u, she is funny. Her writing reminds me of yours and she is quick to put all of this clild rearing into perspective. So, if you have the time (que the Wonder Woman soundtrack here-lol), give it a whirl. Things will get better. Keep, keeping on girl!