Monday, August 1, 2011

What's On The Other Side

Zoey and I had our first annual girlie day this weekend (and by annual I mean more like monthly only "monthly girlie day" sounds too much like menses and I have always hated the word menses). We left the boys at home to think about boobs while we went to get pedicures.
I walked in thinking I would get a pretty purple color, maybe something in the rose family, but Zoey was dead-set on rainbow colored toes and after I saw just how happy her feet looked, I couldn't resist. I do believe I've found my new go-to for summer toes.

I'm telling you--that girl? She is what keeps me stargazing.


Jules said...

That is awesome, I love it!

p.s. The other day I was in some rabbit hole of historical images of presidents (don't ask) and there was one picture of Jacki O. that, I swear, could have been you.

krista said...

i can't wait until finn is patient enough to go get a pedicure with me. i don't think we're that far off but not *quite* there.
and just wanted you to know i've been thinking about you. and hoping you're well (rested!)

wonderchris said...

Love the rainbow awesomeness of those toes!!

Only A Girl said...

Awesome awesome awesome. I love my girlie days with my daughter. We haven't gone out for pedicures yet, but we regularly paint toenails together at home.