Monday, August 29, 2011

It Starts Off Nice and Sweet-Like

I totally forgot to tell you, didn't I?*We went on vacation.
A wee road trip down south, past miles of cows standing knee deep in their own shit**, over freeways and through towns, across beaches and over 108°F. Not much to report except this:Tomorrow I turn un certain ├óge. Thursday Zoey starts kindergarten. In 2 weeks my maternity leave is over. I spent the whole week pressing my toes down hard on an imaginary brake pedal in the passenger seat and now I have a cramp in the ball of my foot.

*Neither here nor there but everywhere, do you kinda' hate when bloggers write directly to you? Like that whole Ferris Bueller breaking-the-fourth-wall schtick, asking questions and then proceeding as if you've answered, all cutesy "I know you" wink wink, calling you love, darling, insert pet name here? Cause lately I do. I don't know, it just seems condescending. Insincere. And I know that I do it sometimes, too. Still. Also? I hate when bloggers tell stories about their kids that sound like some Dawson's (shit) Creek dialogue that you just know didn't happen. Or when the writing almost becomes a caricature of itself. Just sayin.' See also: I'm totally a bitch but it's almost my birthday which may or may not have something to do with it because what do you get for the girl who just bought a glass house?

**Do cows have even have knees?


Jules said...

I only write about the dialogue that really happens, so it never occurred to me that someone would lie with their own. Then again, maybe I'm reading blogs with too many pictures and not enough content.

krista said...

little ozzy is just about the cutest damn thing ever. i think our boys would get along famously.
i totally do the question thing at time. please don't hate me.

Richie Designs said...

they totally have knees -as a farmer's daughter I swear

Claire said...

As much as Zoey looks like you, Ozzy looks like your husband. Precious family! Enjoy your last few weeks "off" (like that ever really happens).

Anonymous said...

You cannot be walkin on sunshine all the time and you've got your hands full! And who has to make up stories about their kids?? My son is always funny even when he's being bad ha! I still laugh about your "china bandaid" post ;)
And don't you love it when a waitress/waiter addresses you pr your husband with terms of endearment?? "here's your drink, handsome!" "let me know of you need anything, love!" I waited tables in college and never pulled that out!

amanda said...

ozzy looks so much like you and zoey! i love love love your blog. and the Miss Sassypants Giggleonia is to die for hilarious, and oh so perfect. my ella somehow made it to 2nd grade, and grace is now in 5th. FIFTH!! I swear she just came out of my vagina! how, when did this all happen?? keep up the awesome, bullshit free blog, we love it!