Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Because I Am a Lover of Words. But Mostly Because Inside I Am a 12 Year Old Boy.

Granted I am no epicurean (and wasn't even epicurious in college), but really? Chingalingas? Are you trying to make me say the word cunnilingus while out to dinner with my in-laws?

This is what I do know: Chinga basically translates to fuck in Spanish. When you squish that together with lingas which is a derivation of the Latin word for tongue you get tongue fucker. Come on people! Tell me you don't get tongue fucker!

p.s. I opted for the flautas.
p.p.s. This is probably why I don't get invited out to dinner more often.


Kwana said...

Yeah I see it too. But the chicken and the onions sound so good. That's a tough one.

sunshine said...

LOL! Never hear of "Chingalingas" before, that is very weird. I've hear of "Chimichangas" or even "Chilaquiles".

I am glad you went for the flautas, I would have to!

Richie Designs said...

hummm that's curious!

whoisnell said...

hi! i stumbled upon your blog by chance.. and i must say i love your direct sense of humour! really carved a smile to my usual charcoal black monday mood..


and keep inspiring

and oh! congratulations on the newborn.. your kids are lovely!!!


come baaaack!

Lexy♥ said...


ohnomyboots said...

At least your depravity is somehow entwined with a knowledge of Spanish AND Latin. I couldn't help but immediately see "Crispy corn tortillas filled with your cream." Gross and nothing impressive about it.

Congratulations on your little burrito!