Friday, December 17, 2010

Whiskers On Kittens

If I ever open up a store I think I will name it Whiskers On Kittens. Or Frock, I’m not sure, it depends on if I’m selling cute clothes or disassembled cat parts, I guess.

The weatherman says there are six large storms stacked up from here to Japan and this makes me all sorts of fuzzy seeing as how it’s Friday and my bathrobe is clean. Other things that make me happy? This Nutella Snack Pack I just discovered. Honestly the only way you could make this more me is if there were a fourth compartment with insalata caprese smashed inside. Looking for something to gift me this holiday season? You can buy it here.

Also on the list of things that are me me me is this bitchin’ rainbow turbo bike. Truthfully, though, it would be totally me if it were somehow battery or electric powered as I am not known for my exercise regime.

And then this. Fuck the whiskers on kittens—I want to spend this rainy weekend making out with these happy paws. I imagine they smell faintly of corn chips.




Megatron said...


i love taking a good whiff of my pup's frito feet. i thought i was the only one.

Author said...

I'll put my boutique next to yours. It will be called Buttons! Buttons! Buttons! and not sell buttons at all.

shannon said...

Ohh nothing better than a pair of soft cat hands. But with faces? Whoa. Also, I like Frock. I'd shop there.

Judy said...

If I had a store...and I picture it as selling the very best of everything wonderfully sensual...candles, fragrances, bedding, all things cuddly, beautiful, rare, etc.; I would call it "Horizontal". Instead of having a checkout counter or desk, I would have a beautifully made bed from which I operated as the owner. I'd have all my books, snacks, trays, phone....eveythink I needed right there in my bed. If customers (well only the ones I liked) wanted to get in bed too, they could. I'll probably never have a store-possibly a fortunate thing. But I DO have my bed with the softest fleece sheets, down pillows, light-as air comforter and antique quilt/spread/coverlet-and while I occupy this amazing bed strictly on my own these days, it is one of the GOOD things....and with all the books, journals, snacks, etc. in it; another body wouldn't fit anyway.
Love You,

Oh Brother! said...

Mom- You totally need that store! I'd love to see that!

"Um, yeah, I'd like to speak with the Manage."

"Well crawl into bed, she's between the massive pile of fluffy pillows and snacks" :)

love ya,

son & bro

Anonymous said...

Would your store sell one of these?

That would be an item worth blowing money on.


p.s. Your blog gets better and better with each post! I wish I had your talent.

JackeeG4glamorous said...

I always wanted to own a bookstore that also had a pub in it...Call it Pages & Pub?
You know, the book/coffee thing set might not like the alcohol content.

Alexsandria said...

Why is it that paws always smell faintly of corn chips?

krista said...

that nutella snack combo made me gasp out loud.
i'm totally on my way to get the jar of nutella out of the cupboard right now.

Annie Crowninshield said...

I call my dog Milo popcorn paws. Thought is was our thingy thang but I guess all animal feet smell of corn bi-product. Cute despite!!

Annie Crowninshield said...

Oh, and dont ever have a store. This is the first time I have been on your blog (or any) in 3 months. Retail is hell, especially during the holidays where people who don't, and shouldn't ever, venture out into your charming, family owned and operated boutique and think they are at Walmart. Or the swap meet. Which is why I say (start at the top and repeat)

Logan said...

OMG. I never knew anyone else thought puppy paws smelt like corn chips too! This is earthshaking and day making for me!

Jen West Design said...

I love you.