Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Row! Row! Row! (Wednesday)

Hi. I've been a wee bit MIA this week but that's only because I've been spending my days (and nights) watching this video. On repeat. It's got a kicky little beat and makes me feel good. Better. (My schadenfreude having run over your dogma and all.)

Well, busy watching this video and work, writing, more work, buying groceries, washing my hair, doing laundry, painting, watering the garden, work and feeding Nacho.

Back soon with more! Nothing!



Jules said...

Hah! I would love to photoshop someone's face on that girl's body.

Sparkie said...

"Catching a crab".

Richie Designs said...

rats the video is disabled.

I was on our college rowing team for about 3 minutes. I was horrible at it. Plus me with blisters? not the best look.