Thursday, September 2, 2010


I'm going out on a limb here to say the world might be a better place were there more jorts.
And sporks. Just sayin'.

Happy long weekend.


Jules said...

They all look like Ken & Barbie dolls, complete with the anatomically vague packages.

p.s. What's with the calves of the girl on the left?

Anonymous said...

lol jules

krista said...

lets not forget jeggings.

((dude. my word verification is 'purewar' which somehow must be related to jorts and sporks and jeggings, yes?))

Maggie May said...

my cousin who is 21 just added a jeggings and jorts FB page.


Catherine Masi said...

Holy god.

Judy said...

You would surely guess that the woman who is compelled to use 25 words when 6 would do, i.e., moi, is not going to jump on the bandwagon in favor of combining words even if Lewis G. Carroll did start it. (I do, however, love the word "Portmanteau" when used to describe a big satchel). There are so many beautiful words, even ugly words, words that are just right for what the stand for. Why would we want to encourage cramming words together most certainly why when the end result, i.e., "spork" is so much less elegant than "spoon" and "fork"? And, aside from "brunch", I haven't seen many combined words that nearly do justice to the words they are trying to nudge out of the vocabulary."Frenemy" how could that word ever really describe what, in reality must be quite a complicated relationship-and probably pretty important to the ones involved to figure out? Here's where I really start to sound like a crotchety old lady....The combining of words is just one of so many examples that feel to me as if things have to happen faster...slap a couple of words together to save the time (or thought) it might take to actually communicate fully...why are we so intent on speeding everything up, abbreviating, contracting, combining, acronyming....Christmas all laid out, not just before Thanksgiving now, but before Halloween? Time is just speeding by but it seems to me that we are all pushing it forward in every way possible. WHY are we in such a rush to get to the next thing that the NOW is less and less meaningful, less full, less lived?
Well, I guess this topic really pushed my buttons, eh? Plus I'm guessing the blog was done tongue in cheek anyway. Slow down, we're goin' too fast......
Old Lady....Mom

Still Life With Coffee said...

thank you for this... hilarious.
And your mom... also awesome. :-)