Thursday, April 1, 2010

Coffee, Tea or Advertise?

Dude. (When I don’t know how to start a topic I like to start with dude.) Would you like to advertise on Petunia Face? Ad spaces are now available. I probably have the most awesomest readers ever, superlatives to the maximus, and I am pretty sure every single last one of them likes to blow loads of duckets online. In fact, I did this super secret scientific analysis and found that 97% of my readers spend at least $1743.55 online each month just by clicking on buttons found on blogs. That's $5,843 per household! Pinky swear.Anyhoo, my rates are created with small businesses in mind. Please email me for details at susannah(dot)ink(at)gmail(dot)com.

Peace out motherfuckers! (When I don’t know how to end a conversation I like to end with just that: peace out motherfuckers. I know.)



the girL said...

i wish i had something to advertise - you crack me the fuck up


Oh Brother! said...

Corporations love to tag their ads with "Peace out motherfuckers" :)

Oh Brother! said...

To all would-be Advertisers:

From someone who is personally responsible for a few top 10 Superbowl ads running at $1,000,000.00+ per :30 spot, I can confidently testify that your dollars are better spent here on Petunia Face... and rates are a LEAST 90% off previously mentioned prices.

(I mean, still hire me and all., just sayin')


bro... 'er Andrews Je... (am I allowed to say my name here?)

Maggie May said...

I love the lady lionhead. I think that's my new mascot.

krista said...

advertise this, motherfucker.
((i had to.))

Cindy said...

Um, pretty sure that's not a lady lionhead. Man-hands and no boobies.

I hope to have something worth advertising later this year. When I'm up and running, will contact you tout suite.

Happy Easter, you sexy beast.


Kwana said...

Nice. Wish I had something to advertise right now like that cool LEE ad.

Kacey said...

Your so funny.I miss cursing when cursing was still fun,I use to say shit,fuck,dam,because I thought saying all three was super shocking and bold of me.Now I rarely curse,all the fun now blown out of my sails,whos shocked by an almost 40 year old mom of three cursing?Its hardly "rebel without a cause" behavior.Now more like she must be having a bad day behavior,sigh.Anyways,I like living vicariously through you because when you curse on here I get that same feeling of "Oh my,did she just say that?"But all happy like yea for Susannah shes all "rebel without a causing" for us!