Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Whiskers On Narwhals

I haven't seen My So Called Life since it went off the air chokers and plaid shirts ago, but there is a line that still reverberates. It's been a time. I think Angela says it to Rayanne or maybe Rayanne says it to Ricky, I don't know, but there it is, so flat as to be perfect. It's been a time. Not a great time or a terrible time, just a time. And that is what this week has been. A week. It's been a week, and yet it's only Wednesday but there it is. And here we are. Hello. And so given the week that still is I think I shall post on a few of my favorite things. You know, to get me out of my 37 year old teenage angst (insert eye roll here). Ttcchhhh. Duh.

First off, this lady. I dunno' why this picture makes me happy but it does. The fact that her hair is still dry and that dimple in her elbow? I have a bad tattoo on my ankle of a dolphin--don't get me started. Perhaps I should add this randomly confident lady to the mix?
And this, yes this. If Bryan and I ever design and actually build our own house I am totally insisting on a staircase bookshelf. Even if it's a one story ranch house with nowhere to go but horizontal. This is awesome.
Narwhals. Somehow I stumbled upon this picture and it was like a revelation. Narwhals! It's easy to forget that they actually exist, but here they are: like a wet fairy tale. Narwhals! Maybe I can add a horn onto my bad dolphin tattoo with the soon-to-be-lady riding astride it, a narwhal. It will become my battlecry, rage, rage against the dying of the light. Narwhals! Like Wolverines in that movie Red Dawn. Or maybe not. Just an idea.
Then this. This makes me happy: balloons for lovers (or something like that):
Although truth be told it also skeeves me out, all that exhale in a balloon. I would have to insist on the brushing of teeth beforehand, perhaps even flossing. But the idea is there, and I like the idea. Bit of a non sequitur here, but what list of my favorite things would be complete without something leopard print? I swear to god the other day I was at Bed Bath and Beyond and found myself skimming my hand over a polyester leopard print duvet cover that looked fresh off the set of Married With Children. Something about leopard print just speaks to me; quite frankly, it will not shut up all rawr and grrr and purrrrrr, so I think I ought to listen. I just wish I had the duckets to listen to this.
Or this. Not leopard print but pretty rad as it is. Personally I'd pair it with some jeans and boots this fall (then throw on my leopard print coat should it get too chilly!). A girl can dream...
And dream I will. Because in this otherworld in which I wear a Mexican inspired frock with a leopard print coat, in this otherworld of book-lined staircases that go sideways and fresh-breathed balloons for lovers, in this otherworld in which it has been a week, I am hanging out with this crew:And I am pretty sure we are talking about narwhals.

Happy Hump Day, my friends.


Gin said...

It's "We had a time", from the episode where Rayanne and Angela and Ricky try to get into the club Lead Bolt (where someone had previously tried to light fire to Rayanne's hair), and then Rayanne gets assaulted in the parking lot, and the cops show up, and Jordan Catalano sees them getting into the back of the police car, and is all "I know that girl", and so the cops drive Rayanne and Angela home, and Brian Krakow is there in the tree waiting for her.

Oh my God, I love that show.

Oh Brother! said...

David Lee Roth. Sean Penn... and who?

Petunia Face said...

Gin: We had a time! Even better. And oh my, I wish I knew you so that I could gift you with the MSCL boxed set for Xmas.

Bro: The Beastie Boys. David Lee Roth, Sean Penn and The Beastie Boys. They're totally talking about narwhals, am I right or am I right???

Vanessa said...

That last picture is the greatest picture of all time. Look how young they are!

Anonymous said...

To have been a fly on the wall when those boys (at the bottom) all met up!

my favorite and my best said...

i am sure that you should definitely add the horn and the happy lady to your dolphin tattoo. my big sun tattoo on my right shoulder blade thinks you should too.
i was in a band in the 80's called narwhals for jesus.

brilliant as always susannah.

Simply Mel said...

Okay, I'm saying it here first, Petunia Face and MFAMB need to start a blog together because Narwhals need to flourish!

Erin said...

Ugh, don't get me started on those damn tattoos, either. My seahorse is so ugly 15 years later. What were we thinking?

jennifer said...

shit, yeah! that was me takin' that last photo. It was a blast, indeed.

pillow mint said...

mscl was the best show ever.
i think you should get a tattoo of a leopard on your other ankle. ;)

Duel Living said...

I just told my husband like last month that I wanted the MSCL boxed set for X-mas...he forbid it. Yes, it was "We had a time"...why do I know this? I need a life. On a separate note..I had a really rad father growing up that did build a staircase to nowhere in our ranch house. It went up and into the skylights and had gray shag carpet and house plants aplenty...and a few books too. It was the 80's...but the staircase to nowhere should be timeless.
Great post!

Judy said... DO realize that you are slowly turning into your Mother don't you? Not that that's a bad thing, what with me being your Mother and all but, well, it's happening! There was a time not so long ago when you were aghast that I slept naked (yeah, I know there are some other embarrasing childhood memories having to do with my being naked in the house in daylight hours, maybe even doing housework-but I did wear a cute 40's pinafore apron-especially when cooking)...yet not long ago, I read in a post a reference to the fact that you now sleep el Bucko too.

I also distinctly remember both snarky comments and looks of pure derision from you to moi in the not so distant past having much to do with my love of leopard-as in a great big leopard, few studs, couple rhinestones maybe purse.

There are some other similarities I could but won't mention...but, trust me, that apple hasn't fallen far from the tree, My Sweetness.

P.S. LOVE Narwhals...ditto for the loverly lady with dry, bouffant hair astride a dolphin, also have a bad palm tree on tiny island tattoo on my sagging ass that was bad to begin with and its future is looking grimmer by the year. Lesson learned too late on that one-NEVER mix alcohol, drugs and tattoo parlors!

Love You,
Mom, aka Grandma Glitter

Petunia Face said...

Mom--I will totally admit I bear a passing resemblance to you if you buy me that coat. Otherwise, I have no idea what you're talking about.

p.s. Either way, I still don't like your Betsey Johnson necklace. (But I do love you.)

mosey along said...

Ohhhh... MSCL. I was in my late 20's when that show aired and I loved it as if I were 13. sigh.

miss. chief said...

haha chokers! i loved 'em

and i totally want that bookshelf staircase. we don't even have an upstairs.

krista said...

dude. narwhals??? for real??
um, you can always gift me with the MSCL box set if you want. just sayin. :-)