Friday, October 9, 2009

News of the Week (Plus Obama Won the Nobel Peace Prize. That, too!)

Here is the list of what she has wanted to be so far: a princess, a bee, a pterodactyl, a ladybug, Harry Potter, a unicorn, Baby Jaguar, a deer, My Pretty Pony (but only the one that is purple with flowers on its haunch), a shooting star, man with a mustache, Tinkerbell, the mold that fell from the hole in her dolphin toy and into the bathtub (apparently it made an impression). Then this morning she informed me that she would be a leopard kitty dressed as Harry Potter which was just so meta that my head then exploded.

(In what was probably the rookiest of rook-mom manuevers I bought Zoey's Halloween costume back in August. Because she had to have it. Of course now that costume is so August, and everyday it is something different. By the time we get to the 31st she just might go as a man with a mustache dressed as My Pretty Pony covered in the mold that fell from the hole in her dolphin toy and into the bathtub, which should be pretty easy considering we already own most of the components.)

In other news of the week Zoey asked me to marry her. We were cuddling in the living room when she put her hands on my face and said, "Mama, let's marry eachother." I said yes. When I asked her how we get married she pulled me up and held my hands as we danced in a circle which is what they do at the end of every Disney princess movie so it makes perfect sense. (We are registered at The Land of Nod.) I am pretty sure Happily Ever After comes next.

And lastly, this. Because I have watched this 13 second video approximately 170,000 times since I found it last Monday which means that in the last week I have spent 36,833 minutes or a little over 613 hours which equals 25.578703 days so basically I spent all of Wednesday and then some watching a baby deer come through a cat door.

Happy Friday.


MoxieMamaKC said...

Hilarious! My daughter so far wants to be a glow in the dark cat witch with fairy wings and rainbow least our kids have good imaginations!

Anonymous said...

Great Friday post! Can't wait to see what Zoey's final alter ego is!

Cindy said...

How weird that what I noticed more in that photo is not the wax lips but how drop dead gorgeous you look. :)

My nephew will be 4 right before Halloween, and one of the many ideas he has had along the way is that he wants to be a Capri Sun with long straws so that his friends can take drinks of water out of him. Ha! I need to forward this post to my sister.


Simply Mel said...

'registered at the Land of Nod' - love this! J'adore Zoey and her fabulous mind of fantasy!

Up Mama's Wall said...

Maggie wants to be a fireman-purple witch-princess-tomato. I can't even sew!
I'm buying you fairy dust for your wedding.

ZDub said...

We are having major Halloween trauma over in these parts too. Mainly my Zoe can't make up her damn mind either.

That video makes me want to buy a baby deer.

Jules said...

I've said it before and I will say it again. Your eyebrows kill me.

Cindy said...

Jules - I KNOW, right?! S has kickass eyebrows! They kill me also.


Anonymous said...

ok -- inquiring minds need to know: do you do your own eyebrows? or get them "done"? Because no matter how long I sit there and pluck in the magnified mirror they do not look like yours.
details, please...

Petunia Face said...

Anon--I do my own brows. And I don't know that there is any secret, other than the fact that I would have a unibrow if I didn't pluck. They're pretty, uh, thick. So maybe that's it? I don't really get compliments on them in person, though, so maybe they just photograph well? :)

Thanks everyone!

krista said...

you're the only woman i know who could make those lips look hot.