Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Nag Champ'On This

I very much wish to recreate this portrait for our 2009 family Christmas card.
I already have a ficus, but am still in need of the following:

ceramic tiger
rattan chair
leather vest with floral applique (child's)
white vest (also seems to be child's, possibly suede)
flowing robe
printed pants
forehead dangly jewel
redwood burl? Is that what that is?

If you have any of these items and will not be needing them, please let me know. Subsequently (or consequently, is there a difference?) if this is your family and you are open to adopting me, I come with my own ficus.

Happy Hump Day,


Mindi said...

this could be my newest favorite post of yours, EVER.

pure genius.

i will, as always, continue to stalk you.

my favorite and my best said...

fantastic. is your husband mr. t's cousin?

Jackie said...

Hah! That would certainly be one of the best Christmas cards ever.

Wish I could help out. All I have is a stuffed white tiger, the size of a kitten. Hardly a ceramic tiger. ;p

Cindy said...

BAH hahahaha!

krista said...

oddly enough, one of my closest friends has a huge ceramic cheetah. she won't get rid of it. it freaks me out. but at least finn likes to kiss it when she sees it.
maybe i could get it on loan for you?

Drew said...

All that's missing from this picture is Blue Boy (from Dragnet) running around on an acid trip and the scummy drug rehab needing quaalude addict.

Abby said...

jamie over at isuwanne was trying to get rid of the chair recently.. maybe she still has it and is saving it for you.
love the pic!

Jules said...

I agree with Mindi. This is probably one of my favorite posts, as well. Something about the line, "I already have a ficus" is absolutely brilliant. It took me completely by surprise and had me laughing out loud.

Anonymous said...

Crap! Brian sold his sitar. It came with the most hideous floral "sitar cozy" to keep it clean. He must have bought it during his long hair days, which would have automatically eliminated him from ever having a romance with me. It wasn't a good look.

Vanessa said...

If I had any of those things I would most certainly not give any of them away.

Sparkie said...

So does that mean you already have the:

Marimekko stretched fabric frame
Macrame hanging plant holder
Plastic stained glass owl
Pentagram B&W rug over shag carpeting
Floor length curtains from Grandma's house in Florida?

Oh, and I think the dude's vest is crocheted.

You should totally do this as a diptych. And I want to be on your card list.

Chantal said...

Try photoshoping it!

Simply Mel said...

What about a glass bong in the corner?

Visual Vamp said...

I can lend you all of those things from my personal collection.
xo xo

sherri said...

that is awesome and you MUST recreate it. I kind of like the idea of throwing in a keytar instead of the sitar - which my son tells me is a keyboard played like a guitar. It would be a nice anachronastic twist.

Duel Living said...

I know it's not in the picture...but I have one of those three tier macrame plant holders that you can have. I think visually is would help add a little texture to a (dare I say) rather bland room. If you're gonna do a Christmas card...make sure to add a Santa hat!

mosey along said...

All you need is your faces and a good photo manipulation software - photoshop it!