Monday, September 28, 2009

Stereoscopy: The More You Know (The Less I Care)

Did you know that approximately 5.8% of all the people ever born are alive right now?

Kind of an interesting fact to toss out to your office mates on this fine Monday morning. You know, "How was your weekend? Do anything fun?" Then you: "Went to a bbq, got some cute jeans at the Gap! Then I thought about how 5.8% of the world's population is alive right this very minute, the population growing from a mere 1 billion in 1850 to 6 billion + today. Yeah, just that bbq and some light ruminations on the end of the world. Don't these jeans make my ass look great?"

I don't know. Information like that. What else is there to do other than dangle it from a cocktail pick at a party? Things like population explosion and my bank account--lately I find that I must restrict the light that reaches each of my eyes in order to find any sort of depth. Reality. All weekend long we have been out of toilet paper at my house, wiping with course paper towels, that sort of thing. What can I say? It's Monday and almost October--really I must remember to buy me some Charmin.

3D glasses dress from here.


krista said...

i've started to notice that my bank account is sheer. and not wearing any undergarments.

Vanessa said...

Yes. Your ass looks great in those jeans.

ZDub said...

I need new jeans.

Taylor Sterling said...

Ok first I always forget to check out your blog and then I get here somehow and I am LOVE it. So, I put you on the blogroll so I can remember!! Second, I hate using paper towels for wiping! ha ha

just a girl... said...

I want a pair of 200 dollar jeans. Its my ulitimate motivation for losing weight