Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Stay Kinetic, Pony Boy

The world is too full of things I wish I had written, things I should have made. Here is yet another one. Or two. Three. Okay, a lot. I like a lot of what this guy does.
Do you ever do that? Read something you love and instead of just enjoying it you think well, fuck, why didn't I write that? And now it's gone, taken, and you kind of have to force yourself to step back and read it again. Enjoy. The idea now part of the air?

I think I do that too much. Read and research, think, peruse. Analyze. Movement in maybe, my energy potential.

But this post was not supposed to be about that, or me. It's about this art and these words and this guy and his story: Andre Jordan, A Beautiful Revolution. I love what he has done; check it out, maybe you will, too.

Note to self: teach Zoey that the Universe does not hold a limited amount of happiness or creativity, even words, ideas. For every great success somebody else experiences does not mean there is less success for her to achieve.

Footnote to self: teach myself this lesson first.

Happy Hump Day.
Slaps and tickles,


krista said...

have you seen this website:

kind of wish i had written this one, too.

Petunia Face said...

Frick! Krista, I have seen that website. And you're so right--I wish I had written that. See? Even this thought, my post, is not mine.

Deep breath. Enough for everyone. There is enough for everyone. *sigh*

beachbungalow8 said...

you're so right, there's enough to go around for everyone. If more people would embrace that, the world would be a kinder, slower place.

Cathi said...

I do that all the time too....!! I just love your take on's refreshing! thanks!

Simply Mel said...

#1 made me smile, #2 are thoughts I will adopt as my own, and #3 made me cry.

Love a beautiful revolution!

pillow mint said...

so true. if i spent half the energy on enjoying MY life and not comparing it to everyone else's.....

i once heard that love (or in this case you could use success/creativity) is like a sunny day on a crowded beach. just because the beach is packed full of people "getting sun" doesn't mean i'll get any less. there is more than enough to go around.

Kendra plus 2 said...

Want some more random, artistic entertainment? Check out

Richie Designs said...

that's fantastic.

I really use to think that. That it was finite. It's not, and once you open up to the unlimited it just doubles the creativity you receive. amazing how that works

Write and Rhyme said...

No! Andre Jordan did not compose the poem 'Extraordinary Mind.' He plagiarized my original work a decade after I first posted it on If you use your mind and follow through to its logical conclusion, you will see that Andre Jordan does not write poetry, but rather quips and doodles. There is something called "author's voice" in poetry. It shows style and way of writing, which you will not find resembling my own in Mr. Jordan's work because he did not ever compose this poem. I know, because I did.

Furthermore, I filed a DMCA violation complaint against Andre Jordan and several other people, who have claimed authorship of my poem and you'll notice that the work was taken down from their sites. I have in my possession the original hand written poem with all of its scribblings and editing, and the Compaq Presario computer that I first posted this poem onto the internet from, which proves that I am the original author beyond any shadow of a doubt.

I'm sick and tired of people stealing my work and claiming it as their own! I'm willing to fight for what I know is my intellectual property, as my poems are like my children. Make no mistake about it, this is indeed my work and based off of my very own and personal life experience.

Mike Williams (Author and Poet)
Mike Williams1@AllPoetry