Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Hump Day Harumph

I'm kinda' in a foul mood today, simultaneously pitying myself and generally not liking the world at large. So it's a good thing today is Hump Day. Happy or not, you don't have to hear much from me. (Why do I sound like Eeyore in my head??)

Anyhoo, this video is disturbing in an oh my god, it's true, exercise works and apparently makes you super tan kind of way. (I just like to watch his arms blow away from his torso like a douche balloon.)

Off to bed to feel sorry for myself. (I am allowing myself the morning, 2 more hours 'til noon.)
See you tomorrow with a smile!


Patti-atti said...

I would like to comment that his legs look weird - and did anyone else notice that he seems to have shaved them part way through? Definitely adds to the effect.

Also, I guess when your bod is rockin', you no longer have a need for M&M boxers.. interesting.

All jokes aside - that's a pretty crazy transformation in a year. This dude was obviously very motivated - but how healthy is it to change your whole physique in such a short amount of time? I mean.. one year, really?

Anyway - thanks for sharing - I hope that you start feeling happier!

Oonafey said...

So if I actually start exercising, I should see a noticeable difference in about 4 months? I always tell myself this, yet lack the motivation to start.

Feel better, crankipants!!

meinkc said...

What's wrong chicklet? Is it that people keep pelting you with wine-induced emails laying their dumb problems and stuff directly at your feet even though they are a zillion miles away in cyberspace and you don't really know them or owe them anything but are kind of too nice to say anything like that? I don't know. Just wondering. :) Feel better!!

kristacular said...

bwahahahaha douche balloon! I heart you! I've been following your blog for quite a while now, but have been a silent stalker :) Hope things get better soon, for me too!

Jules said...

Hmm. I'm in a mood, too. Hope you feel better. :)

Mindi said...

freaking AWESOME.

you always have great stuff--thanks for your blog. i always enjoy it so--

Up Mama's Wall said...

I like how he starts to shave his chest and get a spray tan as soon as his muscles start showing up.
Maybe a nice chest shave would make you feel better?