Friday, April 10, 2009

Pretty Good Friday, La La La La La

It is important to note that I am something of a heathen. Which is why it is particularly fitting that I am headed to Vegas this weekend to celebrate Easter.

I don't even know if heathen is the right word as it connotes a violent rejection of religion, and that's not entirely fair. Or true. I think there needs to be a new word, a modern spin on heathenism in which the person is just kind of peacefully and lazily spiritual. Not agnosticism really, although that's closer.
May I suggest the term lalalalistic? As in yes, there is something else, something bigger, something grand and beautiful and scary and more but I am not quite sure what it is so instead I will just sit here and watch The Real World Duel Challenge II knowing that it is there whatever it is, I feel it and in this we are one, Amen. The Church of LaLaLa, now accepting flock.

When I was little I believed in the Easter Bunny who brought me jelly beans and quiet glittery spun sugar eggs housing small yellow chicks, later Sweet Valley High books and green mood lipstick. If I still believed in the Easter Bunny I would ask him to bring me one of these paintings by Marion Peck. Aren't they beautiful and eerie and then beautiful again? I love a delicacy that can stun. Alas, I no longer believe in the Easter Bunny, and yet when I wake up on Sunday there will be the fuzziest big-eyed chick in my bed softly snoring, i.e. Zoey, not Bryan, although he'll be there, too, less chick and more monkey man, also snoring.

This one is my favorite. It is titled "Nice Girl," and pretty much completely captures how I feel 99% of the time. Don't you just know there is something going on behind those big brown eyes, that there is potential energy waiting in her clasped Nice Girl hands?

So yeah, Vegas baby, Vegas. Truly it's a quick vacation with Bryan's family, but if I just so happen to pass a slot machine or roulette table and you just so happen to have a feeling about a number or a color or an odd or something of that jazz hands and showgirls ilk, please let me know in the comments section. Bet it all on black? 17? Cherry! Cherry! Cherry! Happy Good Friday peeps, and a very sugary Easter.
Susannah and the Petunia Faced Girl


Vanessa said...

Black 7! That's my lucky number and I hate red. Have an amazing Easter in Vegas with the family!

krista said...

eff your mouth with the sweet valley high!!! seriously. i was morbidly obsessed with those books, i think they first came out right around the age of 11/12 so how could i not become totally engrossed?
and i'm with you in your lalasomethingorotheriamtoolazytogolookupbutagreewithwholeheartedly.

and doesn't 'morbidly obsessed' kind of look like 'morbidly obese' when you glance at it? weird.

Megan said...

Blackjack baby, and quit while you're ahead!

Oh Brother! said...

I too say: "Bet it all on BLACK, baby!"

(Morgan and I did that once, put $100 on black, let it fly, won, walked away. Try it. ... the walk away part is mundo important though)



Petunia Face said...

Krista--I was SO obsessed with SVH books that when a friend of mine insisted that she was the Jessica and I had to be Elizabeth I knew that the friendship was over.

I asked my dad for a red FIAT (didn't get it) and a gold lavalier necklace (didn't get it) and secretly thought I surely had an identical twin somewhere (still looking, perhaps you are it?)

I could go on! Lilah Fowler! Bruce Patman! Poor Enid Rollins!

Anonymous said...

those paintings remind me of Mark Ryden, and his works. Loved SVH, and I would so follow lalalaism :)

Petunia Face said...

Anonymous--she has a book with Mark Ryden! Check it out here:

Anonymous said...

I was really into SVH too!! I really wanted to be 5'6", with blond hair and blue green eyes and to have the little dimple. Unfair!! I just remember crying when Regina Morrow died, she OD'd. It was the first time someone really died in Sweet sad.

Maggie May said...

Have fun in Vegas, girlie

nicole said...

i thought vegas was the holy land? crap!

alissa said...

id like to join the church of lalalalism please.
and i hadnt thought about sweet valley twin books in forever. i pretended to have a twin sister named jessica for many years haha

Kwana said...

Have a fun time in Vegas. Wishing you a Good Friday. I'm partial to Number 11.

These paintings are amazing. Thanks.

Quote from today. "Faith is nothing without a test." I think with all the crap we are going through we are being tested big time. Ugh.

Bet on Black. But since I said it go Red for sure. Good luck.

Lolo said...

True story.
My husband had an interview in Vegas for a job he didn't want but still, had to go, yanno? So, after the interview one of the partners takes him out and I get a call from him while they're at a casino. It's about ten at night and I'm in bed trying to sleep and he asks me what number he should play on the wheel and I say "27. Put 25 dollars on it."

So, the fancy pants partner is laughing at him for waking up his wife and how much of rube he is and BLAM!! it comes up 27.

The partner about crapped his fancy pants and was begging Jeff to call me for another number. Also. My husband was such a wuss he only bet 10 but hey, it was still 300 dollars.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and I have some of this guy's prints and one day will commission a family portrait.

That one sums up how we celebrate most religious holidays in our family.

Visual Vamp said...

Happy Heathen Weekend!
Much love,

Your Ill-fitting Overcoat said...

I will join that church!

coco+kelley said...

these are CREEEEEEPY!!! they're freaking me out! except for the first one, which just made me giggle a bit ;)

Sherri said...

I really enjoy reading your blog--just found it tonight!

I'm with you on the new religion. Most of the time I just say I'm a Humanist, or yeah, I believe in something more, I just don't know what yet!