Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Face Hole

I always forget to say shut your pie hole. Or shut your cake hole, I'm undecided which is the better bakery hole. Of course it's not really nice to say either one, to tell anyone to shut any hole really. And now I have just discovered Face Hole, which is quickly becoming my go-to hole, at least in my head where I can often be found telling people to shut it. Shut your face hole! I've written hole so many times now that something seems amiss.

Anyhole... oh, but how I digress. If, like me, you're looking for ways to cut costs this Christmas season may I suggest Face Hole? Officially known as FaceinHole, this site is like those cardboard cutouts you see at tourist spots and boardwalks, except you don't have to pay $20 to look like Don Johnson wearing a white blazer in Miami Vice. Nor do you have to feel like an ass as you pose behind Crocket and Tubbs while onlookers walk by and snicker behind their churros. No, this site lets you be an ass in your own home! (Unfortunately, churros not included.)

I am actually going so far as to not even print these out to send them to friends and family. Because this Holiday season it's email all the way! www.hohoho... I figure not only does it save me some cash, but it also saves a few trees, right? (I'm not cheap, just environmentally friendly.)

So consider this my Christmas card to you. Now go have some fun with your own Face Hole.
Seasons Greetings!
With Love,
The Petunia Faced Family


Regardez Moi said...

SUSANNAH. This made me giggle sooo loud my entire office heard me. Reading blogs at work? What?


I just learned to say wordhole. As in, Shut Your Wordhole. But Facehole? I like that even better.

I was actually having a conversation about this today. So when I read this it was doubly funny. And a friend of mine suggested using the term 'cock holster'. As in.. Shut Your Cock Holster. I have no idea what it means? But it's hilarious.

JackeeG4glamorous said...

Sus, I think you should tell Anon, to shut his or her cock holster. I LOVE IT!

The facehole pics were hilarious.

Jules said...

I never forget to say "shut your pie hole." In fact, it's a go-to phrase for me, along with telling someone "to go pound sand." I just don't curse often. I used to swear like a sailor, but not anymore. I say the usual curse words that are no longer curse words--crap, pissed, bitch, etc., but the other ones? Not so much. And I don't do it for some silly, pious reason.

I like to save them for times when I am so mad I want to let everyone know they need to back off (or kiss my ass) if they want to survive to see the next hour. Curse words are just like any other word--you use them often enough, they lose their emphasis. I like my f-bombs to have shrapnel, thank you.

zakary said...

Bryan has a nice rack, I'm just saying.

And you know how partial we are to "Shut your windmill" around these parts.

Off to waste time giving my husband boobs....

Meghan M said...

Thanks a lot.
I became so obsessed with this website, that I had to make my own blog entry today about my I had done nothing else with my day, so I had nothing else to write about!
On a good note, my husband makes THE most adorable Teletubby.

caroline said...

oh wow. your husband (in photo 2, not photo 1) might actually be my ex-boyfriend. that is some crazy shit.

i like jules' take on the swearing. i swear way too often. i want my f-bombs to have shrapnel, damn it!

Chessa said...

I personally like "shut your pie hole" and my husband always laughs when I say it. it does sound pretty funny...but, "shut your face hole"? that's even better!

this is fabulous! I love this. I'm going to have to try it.
Ironically, I made my own cards and they haven't yet arrived. what gives? I'm going to be sending them all in a mad rush this weekend so help me!

Amanda said...

I love this kind of card that does not arrive in the mail steeped in, "Oh, Amanda, once again you failed at holiday social etiquette." This made me merry indeed!

Oh Brother! said...

You have such great readers here at Petunia Face! Today I have to comment on Jules comment:

"I like my f-bombs to have shrapnel."

What a wonderful phrase! I love it. (Stealing that one for sure).

I love ya sis, but I also extend my warmest appreciation to all your readers (ok, anon not included).


Your bro (and yours, and yours, and yours, by way of Petunia Faced relations)

Patois said...

And Merry Christmas to you, too. I cannot wait to go to facehole.

Sarah Danielle said...

I have seen this all over facebook - never gets old! So funny!

I *Heart* You said...

you guys look like you are about to break into a rendition of dancing queen. maybe i saw mamma mia too many times. :) so cute!