Friday, December 19, 2008


Recognize this crotch?
Why, yes! That's me! And yeah, sure, that's my petunia faced girl, Zoey, in the stroller. But before you ask: no, my crotch is not for sale. Nor is Zoey or even the baby there on the bottom left. However, you can buy the diaper pad. You can and you should and you will. Why? Because my ├╝ber-talented designer friend Ana started Cucuyo based on her own needs as a mother, and because the products rock. And because I said so. Plus, if you enter the code JOY at checkout between now and January 31, 2009 you'll receive 20% off. And because Cucuyo is fun to say. That there is a lot of reasons. Now go, skedaddle. Cucuyo.


zakary said...

Those are rad! The diaper pad, not your crotch.

monkey said...

i've been thinking about selling my crotch but i'm worried i wouldn't break even.

mamacita said...

Oh sure, EVERYBODY recognizes Susannah's crotch.

[Not the answer you were looking for? ;-)]