Monday, October 27, 2008

And How Was Your Weekkend?

Pssst! Hey you, listen up!

I've got something cool I want to show you. Over here!

Check out these images of London based artist Riitta Ikonen. And no, I didn't suffer from tremors just now while typing. She really does have two i's and two t's in her name like that. Which means, of course, that she must be an artist. Or Swedish. Icelandic? No matter.

Dude. I totally feel like this sometimes. Especially on Monday.

Why the freak am I posting this today, you might ask? Lord knows I am not a design blog. The thing is my weekend consisted of seeing a movie. W, if you must know. I give it 2.5 stars if you must know that, as well. No real plot arc but Josh Brolin was awesome. And then the next day we went on a blind (play) date with another couple who also has a toddler girl. I also give that 2.5 stars. I liked the husband--he was British and strange. Bryan liked the wife better--she was earthy and dry. All of this makes us sound like swingers which would totally be worthy of its own blog post but we are not swingers and the only thing that matters, I suppose, is that Zoey liked the other little girl, they shared their toys and ate bananas. And then on Sunday I made butterscotch pumpkin cookies for not one but two Halloween parties. The parties were fun. The cookies sucked. I sprinkled them with powdered sugar before they were cool so the granules hardened into yellow crystals making it look as if I had dusted crystal meth on my cookies which believe you me would have made them a whole lot better and worthy, perhaps, of an entire post. But I didn't sprinkle my pumpkin butterscotch cookies with crystal meth, so yeah. No story there. Again, no real plot arc. So that's why I'm posting these images. Because my weekend was domestic and real and this artwork is bizzare and surreal.
Which is what Monday deserves.


beachbungalow8 said...

that second one, on the eye...disturbs me.

Misplaced Country Girl said...

I feel like that penguin thing standing all alone and lost 99% of the time! Not all alone but, lost. And those little dolls are a little disturbing.

Aartee said...

Those dolls are so disturbing....My post was about nothing today just couldn't think...Happy Monday!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for linking back to the design post...that made my day. And also trying to picture the earthy and dry worman was fun also. You really crack me up :)

Judy said...

O.K., I'm just gonna blurt it out like some old tight-assed, pursed-lipped church lady. (No offense to Church Ladies anywhere intended)
The photo images today were cool and didn't bother me at all, in fact, not much bothers me these days....but...I have to tell you that the Camel Toe Cup is haunting me in some strange and awful way. I can't stop picturing it. I KNOW it's a IS a joke, right? Even though I know YOU meant it as a joke, I can't stop wondering if somewhere, someone actually ordered one? And, even if that's not true and it's only a joke, WHY? In some distant galaxy far away, someone must have thought that the "look" was a turn-on to somebody. O.K., I know you can't explain a joke. Either you get it or forget it. I'm trying really, really hard to forget it but it's haunting me. So, bring on your worst because I so want to banish the CTC from my mind's eye. You just can't know how much!
Love Ya,

Anonymous said...

I'm with Judy. I'm haunted too.

Never before have I worried about how I might look in my workout pants, but I was paranoid this morning. I feared that any glance my way was a size up of "how could she not know that she's showing THAT." I wasn't, mind you, but the paranoia will destroy ya mentality was in full swing.

I think I'll wear a skort tomorrow.

Jozette said...

that was the best plotless post i've ever read. i actually like the little dolls. they remind me of those little guys they hide in a cake they make in france... if you get the little figurine, you win or something. i can't really remember the point but i have two of them and those little dolls reminded me of them.

there, a plotless, pointless comment. stickin' to the theme.

Maggie May said...

love those. magic.

Anonymous said...
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Jennifer Ramos said...

WOW, that is impressive!

Jen Ramos
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