Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Well, Hello Dolly!

The calendar may say July but you know next month some greedy retailers are going to start mailing out catalogs hawking pumpkin objets and dinnerware featuring turkeys hiding from the carving knife in a big ol’ pile of autumn leaves. Before you know it the windows of your local Walgreens are twinkling with colored lights and suddenly it’s Labor Day and you’d best put yer’ hands up ‘cause they’ve got you surrounded by carrot-nosed snowmen and one fat jolly bearded Swede. Or his he German? Whatever. In anticipation of this slow march toward the holidays I have found the perfect gift for just about anyone in your life.
Got a finicky sister with no poker face? Each year she unwraps your present with a guarded look of disdain? Perhaps you just can’t bring yourself to get your boss yet another candle? Or your mother another bathrobe? Then why not make them a doll in their likeness? Or better yet, a doll in YOUR likeness?
Simply send in a photo and artist Cindy Safestrom of Be A Doll will hand mold your doll in just 3 short weeks! Order now for the low low introductory price of just $160 for the month of July!

"Nic." You think this Pete Wentz doppelganger looks creepy now? Check him out as a doll:

Quite frankly, I love how each doll has a name in quotes. Here’s “Cindy,” looking a little like maybe she used to be “Carl."


After sexual reassignment surgery.

The possibilities for this product are endless, really. For instance, if I were SGM's husband, I would totally have one made of John Mayer or Jill from The Real Housewives of NYC. If I were a sig fig (significant figure, pretty much the only thing I remember from high school geometry) in Paige's life, I would have tiny little replicas made of the new Brangelina twins. Or perhaps I will have a beaten up Pammy Anderson made for one blogger extraordinaire Decorno. I dunno.' I'm just sayin'... Be a Doll, wouldya? And give the gift of vanity.


I *Heart* You said...

"Nic" kind of looks like Todd from Wedding Crashers, no? Scary!

And yes, a little Viv or Knox doll would be lovely. And at the holidays I could work them into a nativity of some sorts for the fam to enjoy.

Everybody wins.

Shannon said...

Thank you for the laugh. I especially like from the website, Diana's F-Bomb t-shirt, she is one scary dude! Oh, and Terry's prosthetic arm/hand.
I think I just found the place to purchase my cousin's cake topper...the possibilities are truly endless.

SGM said...

Question: could these be used as voodoo dolls? Because in that case, I would like an Alex McCord one. Simon too!

Such optimism on the face of (and that doll of) Cindy/Carl. Sweet.

Totally cracking up at the cake topper comment!

Janet said...

hahahaha! I can't wait to send each of my sister-in-law's one. Maybe they will finally see how uptight they are.

Jessie said...

This is so disturbing... love it!

Sidney Ann said...

I guess everyone's got their niche, some are just scarier than others.