Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Ah, Yes, One of THOSE Days

Today I am surrounded by wildfires and the air outside is thick, gray with ash. It hurts to breathe. Here inside my house I have already given Zoey cookies and juice. She has watched too many episodes of The Wiggles and my internet connection keeps crashing. It hurts to breathe.

Inhale pink, exhale blue. I am hitting the Refresh button on my day.
See you manana (miss you already).


Erin said...

Ohh, yeah, Porter wants to go outside SO BAD and mean mommy is keeping him inside because when I walked out to let the dog out this morning I practically choked. What a bummer. Have fun with your day of Wiggles!

Anonymous said...

Sorry for the sucky day indoors! Crossing my fingers you get some good news to cheer up your stinky sticky day!

I ♥ You said...

yikes!! i hope all the fires stay at bay. wait, might be the wrong word for people who live in San Francisco. hope you and zoey have a fun day inside! i see forts made of sofa cushions and chin people in your future. chin people rock.

benson said...

stumbled at your doorstep and am now peeking through your blog window (sounds sort of creepy, doesn't it?!) but, basically, I am really pulling for this job to come through for you although I think cody diablo better be lookin over her shoulder...you are so talented and need a book, a movie, and then a series.From my keyboard to God's ears.

karey m. said...

what exactly qualifies as too much wiggles? ten minutes?!

i swear, i keep adding to list of things i'm dreading upon our return this summer vacation! wiggles, barney, caillou...ugh!

fingers crossed that you get that job, by the way...of course!

Miss to Mrs said...

Oh dear. Maybe you should have some cookies and grown up juice. Grown up juice usually makes the day better.