Tuesday, April 29, 2008

It's Business Time

Seeing as how it's Monday morning-ish (a bit late on the morning but you're talking to somebody who ate Oreos for breakfast, I'm just a rebel that way), I have 3 very important items of business to attend to:
Important Item of Business Numero Uno: You might notice a new feature on this here blog: you can now Email Me! Because, you know, maybe you want to send me chain letters from the Dalai Lama himself telling me that because I chose a goat when I think of flowers that must mean I'm an ass, that if I don't forward the email to 43 of my closest friends in 12 seconds that my cat will choke on a hairball and die a hideous, twitchy death. Yeah, that. Or maybe I posted my email address because I am now OPEN FOR BUSINESS for writing jobs, all creatures great and small. That, too. So email me. susannah DOT ink AT gmail DOT com
Important Item of Business Dos: You know that one friend, the straight shooter? Maybe she tells you that yes, your ass really does look wide in those jeans, that Oreos for breakfast is a bad idea? Maybe she brings the octopus sprinkler toy to your daughter's birthday party because she knows it's going to be 90 freaking degrees outside and your backyard is a micro-climate of global warming, thus saving your ass (albeit wide in your jeans) and the party itself? Well, meet my friend Ana. She is that friend. I met her at my old job, you know, The Place That Sucked My Soul Like A Cheap Slurpee Through A Straw And Even Used That Spoon Thingie At The End Of The Straw To Scoop Away At The Very Marrow Of My Being (TPTSMSLACSTASAEUTSTATEOTSTSAATVMOMB for short). She was the product designer to my product manager. After horrible meetings in which everyone else would blame the other department, she used to share her lunch with me, casting a doubtful eye on my mealy apple and bag of Reese's Pieces while she whipped up some sort of penne pasta with fresh veggies in an office kitchen stocked only with crystallized honey and Sweet 'N Low, where nobody ever washed their dishes and the coffee maker sat in a dangerous puddle of water. She'd make me my own little plate and we'd eat together, talking about how to get out of that job, that place, that rut. She's a fiery one, at times a cheerleader, other times a drill sergeant. But she has proven that she is not all bark. My friend Ana's got a bite because she did it; she got out of that place and did her own thing. And I could not be more proud. Presenting Cucuyo, a company that Ana started with her friend Laura to create clever products for modern parents. Their first product is already up and running, ready to sell, sold (out) in fact but you're lucky in that they just got a new shipment. The Ori Changing Station is one good looking compact diaper changing station with a pillow for your child's head and an invisible pocket for extra diapers and wipes. Innovative, I tell you. Check it out before they're gone! And come back because Ana? Yeah, she's already designing more product. God knows what she'll think of next. As for me, I'm just hoping she'll still fix me a plate of whatever it is.
Important Item of Business #Trois: So yeah, it's Monday almost-afternoon by the time I've finished posting this. So I thought everyone could use a dose of Flight of the Conchords. Bryan and I just rented them on Netflix and I tried to like it. For some reason I desperately wanted to be a fan. But I've always hated musicals and I just couldn't get past them bursting into song while walking down the street. So instead I think I'll stick to the Flight of the Conchord songs I find on You Tube. They make me laugh out loud even on the 4th Monday of a week without work. Because Ah Yeah, even without a job... It's Business Time.

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