Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Morning After

Zoey is back to her chatterbox self. She slept through the night, I slept through the night. I just got to work and re-read yesterday's post and feel a might bit silly about how whiny I sound. Everyone has bad days. When you're a mother it just feels compounded because your bad day impacts your kid. But I thank everyone for their super sweet comments and support. And because I still have to prepare for my stupid ass presentation (that's right, in the light of Wednesday the presentation is STILL stupid ass) I don't have time to write a great blog post today. But for those who do have some time to kill, I leave you with a very entertaining web site: Oddee, A Blog on the Oddities of Our World. Because that's basically what Petunia Face is about, too.
Don't miss the sections titled 12 Crazy Old Ads and 15 Unfortunately Placed Ads:

Then there's 10 Most Bizarre (But Real!) Personal Ads Ever:

Kinda' makes me feel normal, boring even.
And my personal fave, 20 Worst Engrish Ever:


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